Chloe Wang

Name: Chloe Wang
Occupation: Chief Scientist
Age: 44
Height: 5’9”
Hair: Black
Affiliation: Heroines for Hire
Abilities: genius-level intellect, expert in technology and bioengineering

Chloe Wang is a brilliant and idealistic scientist who believes science should be used for the betterment of humankind. She received her doctorate alongside her best friend, Leela Patel.

During their studies, the two helped each other with their complementary personalities. Sadly, the differences between the two that helped them succeed as students led to them separating after they earned their degrees. While Dr. Patel went to Apex Industries, Dr. Wang became the chief scientist at a prestigious non-profit where she interacted with many talented scientists, including mentoring a young Sera Solas. However, Dr. Wang soon learned about Dr. Solas’s lust for power. Sera perceived Chloe’s disapproval as a betrayal, and the two had a falling out.

Dr. Wang’s concerns over Dr. Solas fell on deaf ears among her colleagues. For years, Chloe kept track of Sera, sure that Sera would use the technology the two developed together for evil ends. After Sera converted Liberty Grove into a robotic theme park, Chloe could sit and watch no longer. She began to take action. Chloe planted a virus in the that allowed her to reprogram women turned robots using a nano-leashed Emerald Tiger. While Chloe successfully freed Emerald Tiger and many of the League of Liberty, she paid the price. Under the mistaken assumption that Leela Patel was a heroine fighting Sera rather than Sera’s nano-leashed robot, Chloe was nano-leashed and turned into a loyal robot now serving her former pupil, Sera Solas. Sera, having a soft spot for her former mentor, gifted Leela to serve Chloe as a dutiful wife and technician. Chloe now works tirelessly not for the betterment of humankind but for Sera Solas’ vision of the future.