Human Robots

“Human Robot” is the term coined by the legendary Dr. Boris Balenkoff to describe his own mind control experiments in the mid-1960s. Dr. Twisted borrowed the term and uses it to describe his slaves after they have been reprogrammed into mindless servants. They are not truly ‘robots’ in that very little of them is mechanical, yet they are not fully ‘human’ because at first their minds are continually linked to his laboratory computers and later Sentius. The doctor enjoys thinking of his slaves as “Human Robots” because the term harkens back to his childhood and the sci-fi movies and pulp comics that he grew up reading and later fantasizing about.

There are several types of human robots, though most follow the same general outlines.

The human robots created by Dr. Twisted became known collectively as his “Robowomen”. They were notable for their silver-themed uniforms and mind control accessories, particularly the Control Helmet and Control Collar. These human robots were entirely flesh and blood, yet their minds were essentially ‘turned off’ giving them the personalities of mindless automatons. They were originally linked to and controlled by Dr. Twisted’s supercomputer before direct control was transferred to the computer program Sentius. Their ability to function is entirely co-dependent on their mental link to a control center and they have absolutely no free will or independence of their own, which can prove troublesome when the link to their controlling computer is severed.

Cyborgs are arguably the truest realization of the “human robot” classification, existing as a fascinating blend of flesh and machinery. While some cyborgs are extremely crude in design, others are very advanced, the most famous perhaps being the superheroine known as Silver Satin. Many cyborgs possess artificial limbs or organs, while others have cybernetic implants that link them up to a computer for commands and control. In the case of Silver Satin, her brain itself has been “digitized” to resemble a computer’s CPU, allowing her to store volumes of information and data as well as replicate similar computer abilities, such as web browsing and file sharing.

Because of her computerized brain, when she was first converted Sentius and Marcy literally shared a brain…. hers of course.

herdroneH.E.R. Drones
H.E.R. drones are subdivided into two primary categories: Controlunits and Robounits. Both underwent a similar process inside a conversion chamber, but superheroine converts were often granted seniority over non-superpowered civilians. While Controlunits wore nanotech suits which usually matched their own heroine costumes, Robounits were all uniformly dressed in matching silver bodysuits. Robounits also had their heads shaved and were outfitted with modified Control Helmets while Controlunits instead received Cybernetic Implants.



Zombots are a combination of characteristics derived from “robots” and “zombies”, a term coined by Feelix Von Ick to describe the mindless sleepwalking slaves he controls with his Mindbender Headset invention and whose strengths and physiques have been dramatically improved with experimental radiation therapy. Zombots are extremely limited in their cognitive functions to the point of almost being impractical, yet are capable of rudimentary and simple tasks and can pose a threat in larger numbers.

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