Alias: Nether
Real Name: Kezia Grey
Age: 27
Height: 5’6”
Hair: Reddish Brown
Occupation: Fortune Teller
Abilities: Spirit medium, astral projection

As a young girl, Kezia felt strangely ostracized from other people, always knowing something was “different” about her. Her parents believed she had an excessive amount of imaginary friends, and she would often space out for hours at a time.

As she grew older, Kezia came to study and understand her strange abilities, finding that she had a particularly strong link to the supernatural realm and the ability to commune with spirits of the beyond. Serving as a link between the realms of demons, ghosts, and humans, she opened up a practice and made a living fortune telling or performing séance for those seeking those beyond the mortal threshold.

Skepticism of her abilities has limited her business, but she is well known in certain underground circles, and has become a prominent backstreet source of information that can’t be found elsewhere. While she endeavors to use her powers for good, and a little coin, she knows there are dangerous risks involved with invoking those from the beyond.

She shares a small apartment with Goth party girl Sylvia Tenors, whose interest in the macabre made her a good roommate for the often otherworldly spiritualist.