Sandy Quimby

sandybioName: Sandy Andrews-Quimby
Age: 42
Height: 5’4″
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: Secretary
Affiliation: Emily Easton Enterprise

Sandy Quimby is the secretary of Emily Easton Enterprise, a company founded by heroine Macrolass to help sponsor, endorse, and protect the legal identities of various superpowered individuals – both hero and villain alike.

As such, despite being a pleasant, mild-mannered normal woman, Sandy has enjoyed her front-row seat to helping dozens of famous and infamous denizens of Metrobay, and she never knows what colorful character will walk through their doorway next.

Sandy is also the mother of April Andrews and stepmother to Marvin Quimby. She and her first husband divorced and she only recently remarried. The merging of the two households hasn’t gone entirely smoothly, and Marvin in particular is slightly uncomfortable with just how voluptuous and sensual his new stepmother can be.

Sandy herself is extremely close friends with her daughter’s chemistry instructor, Raquel Summers, and her next-door neighbor, Liz Trance, and the three routinely work out and exercise together, among other social activities.

She has also grown close – some might even say uncomfortably so – to her new co-worker, an interning Hypnotica.

Despite never seeking out trouble, her attractiveness and relation to those that often wind up in precarious situations has often dragged her into plenty of messes herself. As such, she has wound up enslaved multiple times, turned into a graybot, a doll, and other mindless toys. But she always bounces back, with unbridled enthusiasm and energy that no matter what happens, she’ll be fine in the end.

Notable Appearances: Tights Club, Convert Another, Hypnotica Robotica, LiveDolls

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