Mirage bioAlias: Mirage
Real Name: Leila Sultaness
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: student, heiress
Abilities: exotic dances create illusions and mirages
Affiliation: Grrl Power

Leila Sultaness is the regal heiress daughter of one Metrobay’s leading business partners. A stunningly beautiful and exotic young woman, the capable heiress also possesses a cunning business acumen of her own.

While her father tends to business affairs overseas, Leila has remained behind in Metrobay to attend Metrobay University and earn her business degree. Despite having grown up in the lap of luxury, she has a noble heart and passion for helping those in need and using her gifts to better the world.

One such gift is the ability to create powerful and seductive illusions with magical dances, an ability she learned in secret during her formative years overseas. With the right dance moves, she can create all manner of mind-trickery to befuddle any adversary that dares lays eyes upon her.

Using such ability, she has begun moonlighting Metrobay’s streets as the heroine Mirage, her overprotective father unaware the dangers she throws herself into on a nightly basis.

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