Alias: Toymaster
Real Name: Maurice Mayweather
professional criminal
 vast intelligence and detective skills

Maurice Mayweather was once a timid, lanky, socially inept young student at Liberty Grove Academy and the victim of bullying and the cruel mocking of his classmates. An avid toy collector, he was insulted for his apparent inability to grow up and his penchant for playing with dolls.

Maurice thought his life changed for the better when the most popular girl in school took an interest in him and began dating him. Almost overnight, his life changed. He became respected and popular by his association with her and for the first time in his life felt accepted and happy.

That is until the “relationship” he had with her was revealed to be an elaborate sham concocted by her best friend for a psychology study on whether a nerd could be “made cool” by group association. Hurt and bitter at how his heart had been manipulated, Maurice suffered a nervous breakdown and swore vengeance. He donned the identity of Toymaster and began to carry out his scheme.

Years later, he had dedicated himself to exacted revenge on the two women responsible. He developed a brainwashing machine and kidnapped both his former flame and her friend, turning them both into mindless living dolls he dubbed “Sugar” and “Spice”. Driven power-mad, his revenge wasn’t enough and he started a criminal operation using his machine.

He began to take over the Liberty Grove Academy, brainwashing the headmistress, Penelope Walsh, and began enslaving students and faculty members to be used as entertainment and slaves for high-paying customers.

All the disappearances caught the eye of heroine Vanishing Girl, who tried to rescue the women with the help of her former boyfriend, Byron Lecon. Unfortunately, Byron betrayed her and revealed he had funded Maurice’s operation, intent on getting revenge on her for dumping him. Thus, Vanishing Girl become a doll for Byron.

Rich socialite Anna Moroz herself wanted to buy Vanishing Girl, as payment for “humiliating her”, but Toymaster refused. When she threatened to expose his criminal empire, he turned on her and brainwashed her into another doll in his harem. He currently remains at large and Vanishing Girl’s disappearance unsolved.