It is no secret that Metrobay is home to one of the largest populations of super-powered individuals, both hero and villain. There are several classifications of superpowers, and the specifics of each superpower are known to vary with time, training, and experience.

These superpowers are hereditary and passed down from parent to child. While only one parent needs to have superpowers, if both parents have superpower abilities the child will inherit both, albeit both powers will be diminished due to the mixed bloodline. Heroines with genetic superpowers include Alpha Woman and, technically, Valient Grrl.

Many heroes naturally develop superpowers, some suggest as a means of necessary evolutionary change. These individuals have their powers often triggered during their adolescence or during times of extreme stress. Most heroes and villains in Metrobay have naturally developed abilities, including Ms. Metrobay, Omega Woman, and Snowflake. It has been implied that the vitamin-enriched water of Metrobay has greatly assisted in developing natural superpowers in its female citizenry.

Artificial Augmentation
Some individuals undergo a process that augments their natural abilities, making them superhuman through artificial means. Means of artificial augmentation can include artificial limbs, drugs, or nanotechnology. Often, this process is highly dangerous and unstable. Individuals that have artificial augmented powers include members of The Boyz, Super Freak, and Solaria.

Technology Assisted
Some superheroes utilizes technology in their fight against crime. Most often, they use advanced combat apparel or gadgets to compensate for otherwise normal human limitations while other times the technology is integrated inside the individual, making them cyborgs or even traditional androids. Heroines that utilize technological assistance include Pink Pussycat, Silver Satin, Gadget Gal, and Mechana.

A few heroines have supernatural powers and abilities, though they are in the minority. Some, such as Spellweaver, obtained their spell-crafting abilities genetically while others, such as Mesmerella and Enchantress, obtained them through external means. Supernatural powers differ from normal human abilities in that they do not seem to follow the natural laws of science or reason and are often unexplainable. It has been implied that Woodrow Strangecraft also possessed limited supernatural abilities. Similarly, individuals such as Jade Lightning, Nightengale, Black Hat, and others utilize special items and artifacts that seem to exist on a supernatural level.

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