Alias: Henchbot
Real Name: “I.R.I.S.” – Ingram’s Robotic Industrial Servant
Age: N/A
Height: 5’11”
Hair: None
Occupation: Companion, Servant, Bodyguard
Affiliation: Tim Ingram
Abilities: Enhanced strength and stamina

Henchbot” is the semi-facetious nickname Tim Ingram gave to his first creation – a female humanoid robot inspired by his brief encounter with Gilbert Petto and M.O.N.A. on the campus of Metrobay University.

Henchbot is a prototype in every sense of the word, and lacks many of the features customary in more advanced Metrobay automatons – such as the ability to speak or make complex independent decisions. But what Henchbot may lack in intelligence or versatility she more than makes up for in loyalty, fortitude, and industrial-strength sex appeal.

Henchbot has been at the side of Tim and his girlfriend/co-conspirator Jill Royal throughout their many capers, including the abduction of the wicked I Eta Pi sorority sisters and the defense of Tim’s home from an attack by Milton Botts, in which IRIS helped to augment Jill with a custom suit of armor based on her own physical appearance.

Notable Appearances: Making Friends, Smash of the Titans