Valiant Girl

valiantgirl2Alias: Valiant Girl
Real name: Maven O’Riley
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Auburn
Occupation: Secret Agent
Abilities: Super strength, flight, invulnerability, espionage
Affiliation: Superheroine Squad, Agents of D.E.S.I.R.E.

Maven O’Riley was a skilled and efficient London-based infiltrator for the secretive Agents of D.E.S.I.R.E., sworn adversaries of the nefarious Circle of R.O.P.E. Maven was sent undercover to determine the nature of a suspicious meeting between R.O.P.E. leader Draven Ophidian and the Nazi Party at the Vemork heavy water plant, discovering a secret cloning facility hidden underground. Unbeknown to her, she was lead into a trap and found herself captured and used as the central test subject in a joint effort between R.O.P.E. and the Nazis to create the ultimate, obedient, and perfect human super soldier.

Exposed to a “heavy water” treatment, which was secretly mixed with a high concentration of Irridite, Maven was transformed from an already physically capable secret agent into a superpowered, nigh-invincible vision of amazonian beauty and perfection, her body able to resist incredible amounts of physical duress. However, the procedure had the adverse side-effects of complete and total memory loss, leaving her a blank slate to be reprogrammed by the Nazis into the first of what would be many super soldiers to aid their cause, using their cloning facility to replicate her endlessly.

However, Draven had other plans and withheld vital information from the Nazis, having reprogrammed Maven to switch allegiances to him upon the activation of her new codename: Valiant Girl. Valiant Girl then assisted Draven in an attempt to acquire absolute power and resurrected a long-lost Atlantean civilization, using her new found invulnerability to bypass a highly acidic defense shield and seize thecrown of the previous empire’s leader. However, it had the unforeseen side-effect of reawakening her lost memories as well as showing her the potential lying within her augmented body. She easily defeated Draven and left him trapped in the temple of his ancestors, supposedly for eternity.

Valiant_Girl_2bioUncomfortable returning home, Valiant Girl instead decided to travel to the United States to the city of Metrobay, where she had heard tales of the exploits of the heroic Superheroine Squad. She became a second generation Squad member, keeping the name Valiant Girl as a tribute to her predecessor and namesake, Valiant Woman. Her name became legendary in its own right in the annals of Metrobay history, inspiring a notable successor in the modern day superheroine known as Valient Grrl.

Recently, a woman claiming to be the original Valiant Woman has shown up in Metrobay as part of Max Indek’s newly-founded APEX Alliance.


Her powers were derived from the same power source that bestowed superpowers upon the original Valiant Woman, giving her roughly the equivalent powers and strength as her forebearer. She possesses great physical strength and stamina, able to effortlessly resist the effects of even highly concentrated acid and intense fire. She is also capable of flight and levitation.

Notable Appearance: The Origin of Valiant Girl, Day in the Life: Macrolass, Business Ethics

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