Maya Johnson

Name: Maya Johnson
The Controlunit
Police Officer
Affiliation: Femcops

Maya was born and raised in Liberty Grove in the shanty town neighborhood of Shady Cove. Orphaned as an infant, she bounced around from school to school and foster home to foster home, but she was successful in putting herself through college on a full athletic scholarship. She joined the police force at the tail end of the Crime Wars to help provide some new blood to the department when most of its male officers were injured or killed in action. Her dedication to the force gave then-lieutenant Harry Storto the idea to create an all-female team to help combat crime in the absence of a full compliment of male officers. Maya was appointed the very first official member of Femcops as a direct result.

For the longest time, Maya served as leader of the Femcops, alongside her friends and peers Vanessa Han, Criada Guardia, and Trish Jones. When their city was invaded by the alien robot, Unity Prime, and Vanessa and Trish were captured, she accompanied the League of Liberty in staging a rescue attempt. Unfortunately, she was captured and genetically experimented upon to “improve” her female features, which she resented bitterly, before being brainwashed alongside her friends. Ultimately, they were rescued, but due to the trauma of her ordeal she retains residual effects of the Unity programming.

It was later revealed that the Unity directives still guided her, and she was drawn to Metrobay where she found the remains of the robot Sentius. Combining the Unity programming with the Sentius code transformed Maya into something new, and she has secretly enacted a plan to alter every woman in Metrobay into a mindless, obedient “graybot” drone.