kittenbio4Alias: Kitten
Real Name: Tabitha (Tabby) Essex
Age: 22
Height: 5’5″
Hair: Red
Occupation: College Student
Abilities: Enhanced feline senses of Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, and Touch
Affiliation: Action Cats

Tabitha Essex lived on the streets of Metrobay with other young stray cats. These ‘misfit kitties’ worked as cat thieves for Ratso, the big cheese boss of Metrobay’s underworld. Tabby formed a music band with some of her stray friends they called ‘Misfit Kitties”. The band performed at various city dives. Trying to make a living with her music, Tabby refused to steal for Ratso anymore. This did not sit well with the king rodent. He planned to make an example of the tischen-haired kitty. He sent his thugs to snatch the Misfit Kitties and bring them to Ratso’s strip club.

But, Tabby and the Misfit Kitties were performing at a Metrobay University fundraising event hosted by famed crimefighter Pink Pussycat. When Ratso’s thugs tried to ensnare the Misfit Kitties, Pink Pussycat pounced on the fiends. Impressed by Tabby’s spunkiness and moxie, Pink Pussycat decides to take on the young woman as her young sidekick.

So, Tabby left the streets to live in the lap of luxury with millionairess Kaitlin Sinclair. The change in lifestyle took getting used to. From sleeping on fire escape ledges to the comfort of a queen sized plush bed. From stealing her meals to having them prepared for her by an actual french maid. And now she was enrolled at Metrobay University, majoring in criminal justice. it was like living in a dream. But, even though she enjoyed the perks of wealth, she quickly found that high society would shun her because of her ‘lowly’ roots. Especially rich brat Pristina Wellington. She and Tabby quickly established an ever ongoing dislike of each other. Pristina never missed an opportunity to embarrass Tabby for being ‘street people’.

Despite receiving constant patronizing from high society, Tabby kept up her friendship with her stray cat gal pals. Angie Houston ( secretly Troublina ) even joins Tabby often on campus ( even though Angie isn’t enrolled ). Tabby’s ambitions are to fight crime and bring the real criminals to justice and protecting unfortunates like her stray cat friends.

It’s when Tabby began to passionately pursue a career in criminal justice that Kaitlin decided to reveal her own secret second life as Pink Pussycat. Tabby excitedly joined Pink Pussycat as sidekick crimefighting Kitten. The two heroines became the Action Cats!

As superheroine Kitten, Tabby has been exposed to all kinds of criminal filth. With the superpowers bestowed to her by her new Kitten kitty collar, she can now take on fiends like Ratso and Meanie Mouse among other villains. She has met other junior heroines from Grrl Power, Speed Demons and Guardian Gals to mention a few.

Kaitlin and Tabby keep their true identities as Pink Pussycat and Kitten a secret from everyone else, including the police and Superheroine Squad members. In the beginning Kitten tried out numerous heroine ensembles, finally deciding on her legacy outfit she wears currently. To her chagrin, her constant change in costumes became a butt of jokes in the city. She just wanted stand out on her own from Pink Pussycat.

On campus, Tabby met jock/surfer Gus Manley. Though he can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, Tabby found his complete honesty and naive take on the world very refreshing. The two have been dating for a while now. She has also become close friends with Aprisa Devante ( secretly RollerGrrl ) and Mildred Glestein. Intent on investigating campus crimes, Tabby will often drag her friends along. As Kitten she is always the sidekick. But as a campus detective, Tabby can be the leader of her own little informal ‘team’… although her friends aren’t always as gong-ho as she’d like them to be.




Kitten wears a Power Kitty Collar that endows her with super cat strength and agility. Her specially made cat tail aids her balance and enhanced cat ears give her super cat danger sense. She also rides a super speed motorcycle called Pounce.


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