Diamond Jack

diamond jackAlias: Diamond Jack
Other Alias: Prince Jack, Jack of Diamonds
Age: 38
Height: 5’11”
Occupation: Professional Criminal, “Royal Prince”
Abilities: creates multiple images of himself
Affiliation: Horny Hearts Club

Diamond Jack is a criminal mastermind and member of the Horny Hearts Club, second only to the Queen of Hearts in terms of leadership.

Like the Queen of Hearts, Diamond Jack suffers from a misguided sense of entitlement and believes himself to be a genuine prince worthy of subjects, praise, and adulation’s. He lives his life in royal splendor and is often richly rewarded for his evil deeds by the Queen of Hearts.

Diamond Jack was instrumental in a staged abduction involving the Guardian Gals, pretending to be a royal visitor while the real royal visitor appeared elsewhere. He faked being kidnapped and set-up the Guardian Gals to take the fall while the evil Heartthrobs appeared to rescue the visiting princess. Eventually though, Diamond Jack was defeated and apprehended by the Guardian Gals, who cleared their reputation in the process.

Some time after, Diamond Jack (now going by the alias “Jack of Diamonds”) was part of a cadre of villains plotting to abduct Pink Pussycat and her heroic colleagues. The villain appears to be operating under the direction of Draven but some of his actions indicate Jack may have an agenda of his own. The story is ongoing….

Diamond Jack has a unique ability to make multiple holographic images of himself and often employs this tactic to distract or confuse his adversaries. The drawback is his images lack any tangible qualities and an area attack can often expose the genuine Diamond Jack from his intangible impostors.

Notable Appearances: Guardian Gals, Musk of the Mynx

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