Renee Burke

Name: Renee Burke
Age: 32
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Reddish Brown
Occupation: Financial Consultant

Renee Burke is a self-employed financial consultant who recently started her own business after great success with another firm.

One day she received a shipment of a special-order test package from APEX Industries, and was eager to try out one of their new “personal” devices. Little did she know that the gift package was tampered with by the villains Polly Vinyl and Plastic Pete. The device injected Renee with an experimental serum which plasticized her skin, erased her mind, and turned her into a living sex doll.




Polly and Pete hired Mike Roland and J.T. Tezuka to deliver the package, then deliver┬áthe ‘dollified’ Renee into their hands. It was determined that she is the prototype for the villains’ scheme to enslave and dollify beautiful women and auction them off to the highest bidder. Renee has mindlessly begun to participate in this “recruitment” process, doing exactly as she is told and assisting in capturing and converting high-value women into thoughtless dolls.


She was their main guinea pig yet again when their initial doll formula began to show signs of cracking and wear. She was restored to her “ideal” doll form with a new formula and experimentation with control implants have rendered her more helpful and capable under both direct vocal control as well as via remote control.

Notable Appearances: The New Toy, All Dolled Up, LiveDolls
Top: Doll Renee
Bottom: Human Renee

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