belindabotName: Belindabot
Age: N/A
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Black
Occupation: Scientist, Companion
Affiliation: APEX Laboratories
Abilities: Artificial strength, stamina, and analytical prowess

Belindabot is the creation of Ted Twiss, a misguided tribute to his former love, Belinda Giolla. 

Wishing to give Belinda a gift, but only knowing how to build and create automatons, Ted reasoned that he could gift his girlfriend her own servant android, painstakingly crafted in her image. The only thing his robotic creation lacked was a soul and mind of its own, and he had hoped that Belinda would be happy enough to contribute her own thought-patterns to the lifeless android.

Instead, Belinda mistook the gift as a sign of Ted’s unhappiness with her, an attempt to “improve” upon her flaws and mistakes by creating a fully-functional fembot that would never age, tire, complain, or challenge his authority.

Heartbroken, Ted washed his sorrows away at the local bar and picked up his former classmate Raquel Summers, using her instead as the template for his robotic creation. Instead, the mind-transfer transplanted Raquel’s mind into the robot entirely, which reshaped itself to match her more buxom physique. Caught between robotic programming and her own unrequited crush on Ted, Raquel in Belindabot’s body seduced the slightly inebriated Ted and the two made love. Unfortunately for them, they were spotted by Belinda, who spied on them and took it as the final sign that Ted held no genuine love for her.

In truth, Ted was torn up over the affair and the disastrous test with the mind transfer. He returned Raquel to her original body and would have apologized to Belinda more thoroughly had she not already taken steps to ensure his incarceration as her ultimate revenge against him. Ted was exposed by Belinda to Max Indeks and was apprehended by Alpha Woman for allegedly stealing company secrets and property.

Belindabot was stored away by Belinda for her own personal needs, using the robot to reverse-engineer her own state-of-the-art line of security droids, one of which she used as the template for the android Mechana.

When Belinda was severely injured during a battle at The Funhouse by a rampaging Alpha Woman, Max rerouted her ambulance to APEX Laboratories instead of Malroth Hospital. Under Max’s direction Belinda’s mind was transferred against her will into Belindabot, while Belinda’s body was placed in stasis to assist with healing from her life-threatening injuries. Belinda(bot) has since resumed her role as APEX’s chief science officer, now more closely under Max’s supervision and – when he desires it – completely obedient to his every whim.

Notable Appearances: Past Mistakes, Cell Block XXX, Cybercops