Queen Chameleon

Alias: Queen Chameleon
Real name: Camille Leona
Age: 35
Height: 5’5”
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Foreign Language Instructor
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Affiliation: former Dazzling Duo

Camille Leona was once a beloved second-part of the Dazzling Duo heroine act. Young and impressionable, she gravitated towards the older, more seasoned and experienced Glamor Girl for guidance and mentorship. For many years, the pair battled the formers of evil throughout Grime City, and Camille felt their heroic partnership would last forever.

At the time, she had fallen for and casually dated the hero Gallant Goliath. However, the hunky hero eventually preferred her older friend. Camille put up a brave face upon this rejection, but her dark turn came after the two were wed and Glamor Girl announced she was hanging up her tights. Left on her own, Camille did her best, but without her trusty partner to watch her back, she struggled and found few allies willing or able to back her up.

After decades of toiling away on the streets, Glamor Girl announced a comeback… with Glamor Girl’s spunky daughter Sparkle Girl as the new addition to the Dazzling Duo. Dejected, angry, and broken, Camille snapped and stole mind control technology from one of her rogues, intent on using it to put Glamor Girl in her rightful place.