honeydollAlias: Honeydoll
Real Name: Bea Flowers
Age: 26
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Black
Abilities: Genius-level IQ, utilizes advanced gadgets and nanotechnology
Affiliation: Superheroine Squad
Occupation: Inventor, Scientist, Apiologist

Bea Flowers’ father owned a flower shop and her mother operated a bee farm. She grew up helping her parents in both venues. She loved nature and was curious about biology. Her parents noticed early on that Bea had a very high intellect. So, they put her in advanced classes and urged her to embrace her inquisitive nature.

By age 18, Bea had already received a Masters in Botany at Metrobay University and began working on a PHD in Entomology. She kept to her studies and had almost no social life. Awkward and naive, Bea had an innocent view of the world and did not take notice of much of the campus or city affairs going on around her. She was consumed by a fascination with flowers and bees. She lived with her head in a book or eyes glued to a microscope.


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Honeydoll uses a combination of self-created gadgets to assist her in crimefighting. This includes nanotechnology in her uniform that augments her strength, speed, and endurance. She also uses specialized gadgets to give her flight capabilities, though their range and longevity is poor. She often uses a portable air jetbike to quickly travel between locations. She has developed many bee-themed weapons and gadgets for particular situations as well as the invention of miniature, bee-themed machines to assist her.

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