Vanishing Girl

Alias: Vanishing Girl
Real Name: Stephanie Sanders
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Stephanie Sanders was a rich, spoiled little girl, accustomed to getting what she wanted when she wanted it. Her parents soon began to realize she needed some discipline, and she was enrolled at the Liberty Grove Academy for Young Ladies, hoping she could be cultivated into a proper young woman. Stephanie, however, grew to resent her parents for dumping her off at some prep school and also resented the instructors that tried to rein in her wild spirit.

When even this proved difficult, her parents hooked her up with a well-mannered, scientific genuis named Byron Lecon. He was a complete nerd, but to her surprise she grew to like him and his eccentric quirks, even if she was embarrassed to be seen publicly with him. She even agreed to be a guinea pig for one of his experiments concerning light refraction. However, during the process, something went wrong (or right) and she wound up with the ability to bend light around her, making her in effect entirely invisible.

Realizing all the cool possibilities that lay before her, she dumped Byron and began using her powers to her own ends. She became enormously popular in the big city,all too eager to flaunt her powers to score hot dates, promotions, one night stands. This all went perfectly until the League of Liberty saw her abusing her powers and caught her stealing designer shoes. She was given the choice between jail time or joining the League. She was ultimately drafted into their training program and shared a room with heroine the Cowgal, whom she considered a backwoods hick, but the two grew to be close friends regardless.

As a heroine, Vanishing Girl was difficult to manage. Her heroics were sloppy, and she was less interested in righting wrongs than she was in gaining exposure, fame, and fortune. She used her heroine status to date rich men like Kun Hitokai and fellow heroes such as Adonis, Rubber Man, and, most memorably, her long-time crush Captain Love. But while her romantic exploits were well documented in the tabloids, her old love Byron was left heartbroken and filled with jealousy.

Eventually, Vanishing Girl matured and began to take her responsibilities more seriously. She grew upset when the League ignored her pleas to investigate suspicious activity on the Academy campus and took matters into her own hands. She sought out Byron, who had found great wealth and success, and he agreed to assist her. As Stephanie investigated the campus, she began to fall in love with Byron once more. Unbeknown to her, Byron had made a deal with the criminal involved in the campus criminal activities, the Toymaster, and it wasn’t long before Vanishing Girl was discovered, captured, and brainwashed into being an obedient doll for Byron to play with however he pleased. Her time as his possession came to an abrupt end when she was sought after by Sera Solas and added to her growing collection of enslaved heroines.

Vanishing Girl was known to be fairly promiscuous and one of the more sexually active heroines. She claimed she caught “something” from Rubber Man, commenting on the irony of that fact, but this could’ve been a joke at new heroine Emerald Tiger’s expense. She was known to party hard and drink heavily, but this was tempered with League discipline. Nevertheless, she often acted snooty around others and took particular delight in poking fun at Gorilla Gal’s abnormal features and abilities. Despite these flaws, she was still a sensitive, courageous young woman at heart.

Top: Modern Vanishing Girl
Right: Classic Vanishing Girl