Dean Wickstaff

professorName: Huckleby Wickstaff
Age: 51
Height: 5’5”
Hair: Dark Brown
Occupation: College Dean
Affiliation: Metrobay University

Huckleby Wickstaff is the diminutive and respected dean of Metrobay University. He is a familiar face around campus and students often poke fun at his old-fashioned dress sense, small stature, and awkward mannerisms behind his back.

But Huckleby has a more sinister side to him, that of an associate member of R.O.P.E. Using his position as dean of the university, Huckleby assists R.O.P.E. in kidnapping and acquiring lovely young ladies for entertainment and exhibition. He is truly a chauvinist pig, believing a woman’s place is not at an institute of learning but on her knees in perfect submission.

As such, Dean Huckleby also runs a side-business in Metrobay as a high class pimp, often employing his own students in exchange for higher grades and positive job recommendations. He has had ties to many other fiendish campus capers, and secretly captured and turned a young Crissy Tanner over to the fiendish whims of Brunhilda Krammpacher.

Dean Huckleby often visits the other teachers’ classrooms, especially Raquel Summers’ chemistry class, where he steals student-created chemicals with various potent effects, such as sleeping agents and aphrodisiacs.

Huckleby is, however, a nervous, clumsy man at heart and his status as a R.O.P.E. member is tenuous at best due to fears that he’ll give away many of their criminal secrets. Max Indeks has even slipped in a spy as Huckleby’s butler to keep tabs on the dean to make sure he doesn’t jeopardize any of their operations.

He has had past dealings with Enchantress, though it is not yet known under what circumstances they first met. He nevertheless did not hesitate to trap his turncoat partner and her new companionSpellweaver using Enchantress’s own magic wand to transform them into high dollar hookers. Thankfully, the Superheroine Squad was able to intervene and return the women to their original minds and bodies, although Enchantress still seems to possess some of the effects of the spell as witnessed by her substantially increased bustline. Enchantress’s magic wand was eventually returned to its rightful owner, who has taken to leaving it locked away safely at home after her encounter with Dean Huckleby.

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