mechbioAlias: Mechana
Real Name: None
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’4″
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Designed as a Security
Affiliation: APEX Laboratories, Superheroine Squad
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Stamina, and Agility

The being now known as Mechana started out her ‘life’ as a prototype for an advanced security android. Whereas the previous models were asexual, the male scientists and technicians at APEX who built Mechana gave her a definite female appearance. This was most likely a little joke on their supervisor, Belinda Giolla, one of the most notorious ******* in all of Metrobay.

Instead of getting angry, Belinda was inspired by their prank and set out to remake Mechana into an overly feminine and sexualized robot woman.

Using technology borrowed from Gilbert Petto and her collaboration with Ted Twiss, Belinda was able to copy the physical and mental characteristics of herself, Ms. Metrobay, and Valient Grrl into the gynoid. As a result, Belinda gained control of a bonafide sex machine who was also one of the biggest and strongest women the city had ever seen.

Mechana remained completely loyal to her mistress throughout much of the events of Twisted Tales, but when the rogue computer Sentius captured her and her mistress, both were converted into slaves in his service and Mechana was chosen as his artificial queen. When Sentius was destroyed, she reverted back to serving her mistress and appeared to sacrifice herself to protect her when Dr. Twisted’s labexploded.

Mechana survived, however, and was acquired by Max Indeks and APEX and reprogrammed to serve them as the advanced security android she was initially designed to be. However, when she encountered Silver Satin, her programming was negated and she was able to think for herself for the first time in her short existence. She grew particularly close to Silver Satin, who seemed to imprint on her very human traits of kindness, honor, and warmth, with Silver Satin even offering Mechana a place to stay.

Mechana greatly assisted the Superheroine Squad in defeating Sentius during the events of Superheroine Squad, going so far as to successfully dupe Sentius into a false sense of security before delivering a decisive blow. She also volunteered to have a sexual encounter with Ted Twiss in exchange for his help and fought Max Indeks’s mutated bodyguard Super Freak to a standstill, allowing time for thecyrogenically frozen Omega Woman to be reawakened. Though initially wary of their previous enemy, the Squad has grown to accept Mechana as one of their own.

android1bioMechana has maintained an ambivalent relationship with Valient Grrl, however. Valient Grrl was none-to-pleased to have a ‘copy’ of herself running around, and the two had a long-standing rivalry during Mechana’s period of service to Belinda. Mechana also harbors bits of Valient Grrl’s own brash psyche, making the two mutually hot-headed in each others’ company. Their feud was semi-resolved during the events of Tough Love when they attempted to settle the score, only to instead engage in a rather passionate display of physical affection. Inversely, much as Valient Grrl became jealous and wary of Mechana upon her recruitment, so too has Mechana displayed jealousy towards fellow android MilkMaid, disconcerted at no longer being the only gynoid on the team. The two, however, managed to link networks and discover a similar bond as well as compatible programming, possibly resolving any brewing conflicts before they got out of hand.

Of note, APEX does not regard Mechana as sentient or entitled to any human rights and views her as stolen property. They appear to have petitioned the legal system to have the Superheroine Squad return her to their hands, but so far have not been able to provide proof of prior ownership, allowing Mechana to escape their clutches for the time being.


Because she was created with the combined characteristics of Belinda, Valient Grrl, and Ms. Metrobay, Mechana herself is an almost unstoppable heroine.

Her strength has been said to be on par with that of Valient Grrl’s at the time of her creation, herself one of the strongest women in Metrobay. However, Valient Grrl’s training since then has made her stronger, and Mechana’s lack of adrenaline or muscle tissue means she’s stuck at a pre-set power level. Conversely, because she is a machine, Mechana has far greater stamina and does not tire or lose energy, making her a more formidable fighter in longer battles.

She also possess Ms. Metrobay’s ability to absorb energy, which serves not only to protect her but to power her artificial body. However, it has been shown that large quantities of energy can overload her systems, as was the case when Dr. Twisted’s Lair exploded, leaving her disfigured and damaged. Similarly, like Ms. Metrobay, she can absorb kinetic energy, but sudden blows or attacks can override this ability and damage her.

As a living computer, she has been shown to also have access to large storage of data and information and can store vital information inside herself. She can seamlessly link up with and communicate with machinery. She also possesses Belinda’s genius-level intellect. Her machine-like nature also allows her to fore-go sleep, food, or other human limitations. Her body also houses weaponry and can be easily modified, whether it be equipping her with guns, blades, or even sexual devices, should the need arise (and it has frequently).

Notable Appearances: “Twisted Tales”, “Superheroine Squad”, “Tough Love”, “Digital Desires”, “The Gynoid Dilemma”, “The Chrome Virus”

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