Magic Wand

wandThe Magic Wand is a mystical artifact discovered at the bottom of the sea by a lucky salvaging crew. The wand is rumored to be of Atlantean origin, passed down through a sacred line of sorceresses and mystics, though most pass this off as mere legend.

The Magic Wand was put on display at Metrobay Museum until it was stolen by a little-known thief named Ylarra Sulliman. Ylarra discovered that there was some truth to the rumors, and once the wand was in her possession she discovered that she was imbued with vast and potent mystical powers.

The power of the wand has been shown to alter human states of consciousness, change the physiological nature of human beings, and create matter and objects from the wielder’s thoughts alone. Ylarra used the wand to become the supervillainess The Enchantress, though she has since semi-reformed. Still, the vast power contained in the Magic Wand would be tempting to misuse by even the most ardent and virtuous heroine.

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