Iatet (EE-AH-Tet) – Mistress of Milk

Alias: Keeper of M’heru, Mistress of Milk, She of the Blessed Milk 
Real Name: Iatet M’heru
Age: 3300 (Immortal)
Height: 5’7”
Hair: None
Occupation: Milk Goddess
Affiliation: Egyptian Pantheon

Realm: Elysium (Field of Reeds)-(M’herus Rest)

Abilities:  As a Quasi-Deity Iatet has access to several superhuman abilities.

Iatet is made of a mixture of her mother’s Milk, and her father’s flesh. But has more divinity. Thus she can use her Milk based powers in the following ways. On her home realm, she is equal to a Demi-Goddess, able to control and travel anywhere in her realm, sense intruders, sense any living being and their exact location. Although she is a weak combatant regardless of location. In her realm she can summon and Milk based Minotaur like beings called the Hesor-Apis to defend her home. In her realm she doesn’t need her Magical Vessel to use her powers as listed below.

  • Immortality: Immune to aging, sleep and disease, and possesses no need for food or sleep or breathing  (Although she partakes in some of them.)
  • Animal Sensing & Empathy: Cows, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys, Deer within a 7-mile radius.
  • Milky Way Illumination: Summon the light of the Milky Way to provide light.
  • Lactation and Ejaculation: Can produce creamy milk that provides nourishment that can sustain the partaker and restore his or her health. It removes poisons and debilitating substances that have been consumed within the last 7 days. Her milk is sweet and improves the taste of food mixed with it. She can also create milk-based foodstuffs.
  • Her milk temporarily improves the constitution, strength, and clarity of any drinker for 24 hours. It also makes the drinker more favorable to helping her.
  • Her milk makes pregnancy easier and much less painful. Children that drink her milk possess good health for the first 7 years of life, and are less prone to sickness afterwards.
  • Her milk can be used to provide mystical protection to parents of Newborns and the children for up to 7 months.
  • She can purify spoiled milk and unclean water with her lactations. She can also sense sources of liquid (and their cleanliness) within one mile.
  • Her milk can restore healthy lactations in women and dairy animals. It can also be used to heal wounds by either drinking or topical application.
  • Her emissions also enhance sexual intercourse to a great degree.
  • Although not built for fighting, she has learned to use her milk to blind attackers at a short distance of 6-8 feet by spraying her lactations at them. She also can create slick or sticky pools of milk to delay or trip up foes. These tactics rarely save her but every bit helps.
  • Divination Magic: Using her milk to see, reveal, or sense things, such as creating a Scrying pool of milk.

Weaknesses: Iatet has the strength, agility, and stamina of a normal human woman who engages in very little exercise. Overuse of her abilities weakens her, requiring her to rest. On Earth she is much weaker, and to use her realm abilities requires the use of her Mystical Vessel of Hesat.

Iatet’s History: Iatet is the daughter of the minor cow goddess Iat, and granddaughter of the Celestial Cow Goddess Hesat. Three thousand years ago, the god Hathor tasked her to discover the cause of a plague among dairy animals in Upper Egypt. The beasts were unable to nurse their babies, which in turn lead to a lack of milk for the Egyptians to imbibe.

Iat came to Earth in the guise of a cow and went to the farm of Anet: a dairy farmer and maker of beer. Anet was already trying to discover why his cows were producing less and less milk. The local Priests questioned him, yet he still had no answers. Iat took pity on the farmer’s plight and joined him. He didn’t know where this new heifer had come from and noticed it had an Intelligence the others did not. He also noticed the cow would follow him most places and nudge him when things needed noticing.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Iat had come to love this human, not only because he viewed his cows as more than chattel to be slaughtered and milked, but how he treated her in her cow form.

He not only talked to her, but fed and watered her, and made sure her skin was cleaned. But he confided in her that he was ready to give up trying to find an answer to their problems. At night, she searched while he slept, then whisper her findings in his ear. Soon they discovered the source of the condition: Anti/Nemty was poisoning the animals’ food at the request of Set, Enemy of Horus. Taking her leave of Anet, she confronted Nemty at the entrance to the underworld as he ferried souls to Anubis.

Angered, Nemty attacked and forced Iat into submission and threatened her divine essence. Hesat appeared to save her daughter. But Nemty threatened to steal both Goddesses’ power and give them to Set and himself. He attacked and decapitated Hesat, which enraged Anubis who stood at the gates. He retaliated against Nemty for harming his mother: flaying his skin from his body. Iat used her milk to save her mother, who in turn offered Nemty a truce: restoring his skin and body to health in exchange for never engaging in no direct conflict with any of the cow goddesses or dairy animals. He agreed. With the case solved, Iat returned to Earth to inform Anet and reveal herself to him in her divine form. She took Anet as her husband and using both her own milk and the milk of his loins, she created Iatet over the course of 7 hours.

Over the course of the next century, her father and mother taught her agriculture, weather, farming, herbalism, and healing: skills she would need as her grandmother Hesat, wished to retire from her divinity and give herself over to Hathor (the head of all the cow deities). Hesat gave her several gifts, as well as her own realm in the Field of Reeds to ensure her granddaughter kept the celestial milk flowing. Iatet fulfilled this role dutifully for thousands of years, even growing to provide food and nourishment to the newly arrived dead. Her role was a servile one, and Nemty (who still seethed at the Cow Goddesses for his flaying) viewed her with contempt. But Anubis would destroy him utterly if he harmed them, so he plotted. Iat using her divine gifts had come across Metrobay in her scrying after sensing the call to help the crime ridden town by Psiwoman. Wishing her daughter to learn the ways of man (both good and bad), she sent Iatet to Earth to assist Metrobay in its efforts to improve itself. Iatet knew that the young and the dispossessed were the key, so she eagerly volunteered. Having been captured many times by several of her fellow deities over the long centuries she received Hesats Vessel to use on Earth to protect herself and channel the powers of her Realm several times a day to help in her mission.