Crissy Tanner

Cadet Crissy Tanner

Real Name: Crissy Tanner
Former Alias: Chrome
Alternate Alias: Surge
Alternate Alias: Blackout
Age: 19
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Police Cadet, College Student
Affiliation: Superheroine Squad, Grrl Power, Metrobay Police Department
Abilities: Superpower Cancellation

The Superheroine Squad has been keeping an eye on Miss Tanner for many years, monitoring her development from a shy little girl into a lovely young woman. They were first tipped off to her presence in Metrobay when as a child she unintentionally helped the police foil a bank heist by canceling the powers of the supervillain who tried to use her as a hostage.

The lingering memory of that frightful experience led Crissy to join the Grrl Power junior auxiliary team as soon as she was of legal age, hoping to learn how to control her powers and protect the people she loves. The Superheroine Squad was all too happy to take the newly nicknamed “Blackout” under its collective guidance, believing that proper training would help her make the right decisions and not allow her considerable abilities to fall into the wrong hands.

Crissy has thus far had several misadventures of her own, including her unorthodox cadet training under the guidance of Detective Daisy Sanchez. She demonstrated intuitive detective skills when she uncovered a perverse plot to humiliate many of the young girls on the Metrobay University campus, and had a memorable run-in with the sadistic personal trainer Brunhilda Krammpacher.

Crissy was highly instrumental to Sentius’s plans to take over Metrobay when she was hypnotized by a H.E.R.-TV ray and converted into an obedient controlunit. Her power-canceling abilities proved to be a threat to her fellow heroines and lead to a vast number of them, such as Jade Lightning and Valient Grrl, being rendered helpless and subject to the H.E.R. conversion process. It wasn’t until Silver Satin used her technopathic abilities to short-circuit Blackout’s computer-controlled brain via her cybernetic implants and render her unconscious that the heroines were able to get their powers back. It appears that Blackout’s powers only work when she is conscious.

Crissy has seen a significant personality shift since the “Night of the Drones” saga, perhaps as a direct result of that ordeal. Originally a prudish, naive, and shy young girl, she has progressively grown more sensual and aggressive, partially evidenced by her more confident and adult actions and vocabulary.

While sleepwalking under the influence of one of Alpha Woman’s erotic dreams she passionately engaged in a tryst with her puppy love crush Ted Twiss, declaring her own subconscious desire to become a robot girl again. It is unknown if she has simply developed a fetish for submission or if lingering elements of Sentius’s control are still affecting her. Regardless, she has begun to pursue her new fetish. An encounter with the android LISA only furthered her interest and guided her to the doorstep of The Dollmaker. Once there, she observed Petto’s doll MONA, whom she dubbed Saccharin because of her uncanny resemblance to heroine Brown Sugar. Pressuring Dollmaker to make a robot duplicate of herself, with subtle threats of blackmail, he relented and Crissy was scanned in the duplicator machine, producing a nigh-identical android version.

Later, Crissy observed Valor Girl returned to her own body via the Personality Exchanger and convinced LISA to undergo the process with her, putting her inside the robot’s body. Inside her new android shell, Crissy began to cause mischief, beginning with seducing her superior, Chief Coleman, who was unaware of her true identity. She next moved on to a tryst with Valient Grrl, but was discovered by Alpha Woman. She then swapped back into her original body and proceeded to try and convince Ted to make her a mindless slave, like he had done to Valient Grrl and Alpha Woman once before. He reluctantly agreed and she willingly put on a control helmet, turning her into a human robot. However, Ted’s conscience got the better of him and he removed the helmet, much to her anger and disappointment.

Shortly afterward, Valient Grrl, sensing Crissy was a bit down, suggested she join her in delivering the prostitute Trixi to the Funhouse. While there, Crissy stumbled across Belinda Giolla and her unethical experiments. However, rather than turning her in, she forged a deal with the villain if the mad scientist could make her dreams come true. Agreeing, Crissy then lured Valient Grrl into a trap and betrayed her friend and teammate, stripping her of her powers and letting her be strapped into Belinda’s psycho-slaver machine. Valient Grrl was than brainwashed into Belinda’s slave, fulfilling Crissy’s end of the bargain.

Belinda proved true to her word and after Crissy proved her worthy by betraying her friend, Belinda escorted her to her old lab at APEX Industries. Using her old equipment, she strapped Crissy down and properly roboticized her, stripping away her humanity and leaving only an obedient, mindless shell behind. Crissy had at least fulfilled her forbidden fantasy. Crissy Tanner ceased to be, and the newly christened “Chrome” was created.


During one Halloween, Crissy was the key victim of the villainous Gothikka, who targeted her and brainwashed her with her magic into becoming a loyal and twisted slave. Crissy underwent an extensive makeover and then proceeded to help her new mistress directly assault the Superheroine Squad Headquarters, using her newly harness powers to strip Ms. Metrobay and Omega Woman of their own abilities while Gothikka went to work converting them into loyal slaves as well.

When the Superheroine Squad attempted to rescue their teammates from a Belinda-dominated Funhouse, Crissy was caught in a mind-vs-magic tug of war between Gothikka and “Psycho-Woman” Tina Butler over Crissy’s very soul. Crissy was freed from her Chrome enslavement, but badly injured in the ordeal. Gilbert Petto and Ted Twiss transferred her mind into the SARA doll in an attempt to save her life, but Gothikka’s interference cause Crissy to be split into her two opposing personalities – Blackout (naughty) and Surge (nice).

Despite being a potential threat to her colleagues, Crissy is highly popular and well-liked within the Superheroine Squad. She is particularly good friends with Solaria, who came to her rescue during a test of her powers, and Snowflake, with whom she was star-struck after their initial meeting. She also bonded with Pink Pussycat’s brash sidekick Kitten during her campus capers at Metrobay University.


Crissy’s abilities are unique in that they strip anyone nearby of their superpowers, yet she has very little control of this herself. Her powers seem to increase when she is nervous or excited, which may mean their potency is relative to her adrenaline levels. During her stint as Sentius’s slave she was able to negate the other heroines’ powers, even while she was in a state of near-mindlessness. This may mean that Sentius was able to assert more complete control over her powers than she could herself. Similarly, when Gothikka took possession of her, she was able to control her abilities at will and even manifest her powers as visible energy auras which was strong enough to nullify the abilities of even a legendary heroine such as Omega Woman.

Notable Appearances: Campus Capers, Superheroine Squad, Crissy Tanner’s Nightmare, Halloween Havoc: The Bride, Forbidden Fantasy, The Chrome Virus, Cell Block XXX