Lactatia WikiAlias: Dr. Lactatia
Real Name: Constance Lactatia
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Silver with pink streaks
Powers: Intelligence, Immortality 

Dr. Lactatia’s history remains as much a mystery as her true age, but the best estimates put her at over 1000 years old.  Constance continues to defy death by harvesting the breastmilk of heroines blessed with natural superhuman powers to formulate an elixir of youth.  Born with a genius level IQ in a time when women could aspire to become nothing more than chamber maids, Lactatia instead used her cunning, trickery, and ample bosom to manipulate the local townsfolk into servicing her own wicked desires.  It is rumored that one day a disgruntled spouse placed a curse upon Lactatia as an act of revenge.  The exact effect of the curse is unknown, but it is believed to have triggered Lactatia’s obsession with knowledge and immortality.  Lactatia’s intelligence has only grown over centuries of study and research.

Power and dominance, above all else, drive Dr. Lactatia.  She especially derives pleasure from manipulating her victims into freely submitting to her desires.  For much of her existence, she has operated from the shadows, exerting her influence, but never revealing her true intentions.  Lactatia absorbs knowledge and has historically gravitated towards institution of higher learning, from monasteries to guilds to universities.

During her time as a professor at Metrobay University, Dr. Lactatia developed an unnatural obsession with one of her students, Luna Lenoir.  Believing that this quiet, unassuming girl was her key to ultimate power, Constance Lactatia studied Luna in a lab like a guinea pig before eventually corrupting and transforming her into the villainess Synapse.  Using data gathered on Luna, Dr. Lactatia was able to develop, among other things, her “milkslut” formula.  This insidious serum, when paired with Lactatia’s own breast milk, turns anyone into a loyal servant of Constance Lactatia with an unquenchable thirst for her milk.

Never, ever refer to Dr. Lactatia as “Connie Lac”.

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