Natalia Nefaria


“I plan to experience every sinful thing life has to offer. My master taught me the pleasures of being submissive and being dominant. His super serum runs through my veins. Now, only the extremes of life can satisfy my carnal hunger. I will use anyone to satisfy my cravings. I will even let them use me. Pain, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss… I desire these above all else and will use anyone to experience them to their absolute fullest.”

Name: Natalia Nefaria
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Professional villainess
Affiliation: R.E.G.A.L. ROPE, The Vulturi
Abilities: Ace aviatrix, Advanced knowledge in ROPE lore, Super Serum test subject #8

From the Agents of D.E.S.I.R.E. database:

Case file 3Z496: Agent Shauna reporting:

Today a new operative was introduced. Her name is Natalia Nefaria. None of the other R.O.P.E. minions seemed to know who she was, but once Draven announced that she would oversee things while he was away, everyone quickly submitted to her will. Draven’s orders were law with these R.O.P.E. lackeys. The first thing Natalia did was to choose one of the captives to serve as her pleasure slave. She seemed more interested in amusements of the flesh than in Draven’s project. Why would he leave such a creature in charge of his operation?

Natalia would occasionally leave her bedchambers to tour the project site and check on all the scientists. She would make these rounds wearing fine, silky see-through lingerie. I could tell she knew nothing about the tech jargon the scientists were explaining to her as they showed her charts and diagrams. The scientists knew she was clueless too. Or was she? They all kissed her ass and competed to impress her even though they knew she didn’t understand the science of this project. Perhaps they thought she was left her as a test by Draven. Draven knew more about the science of the project than any scientist working on the project.  But, Natalia’s eyes glazed over with any subject that wasn’t about sexual conquest. She would often yawn and fight sleep whilst a technician explained how the project was progressing. She could less. Why did Draven leave her in charge?



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