Carla Bello

carlaName: Carla Bello
Age: 22
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Black
Occupation: Restaurant Manager & Server
Affiliation: Headlights

Carla Bello was once a promising Metrobay University student, a quiet and demure young lady with a great interest in comic books and video games and carried a rather proud “geek-girl” label throughout her academic career. She had a steady, long-term relationship with her boyfriend and seemed well on her way towards realizing her dreams of becoming a respected, talented industry professional in her dream job at a rival computer technologies company to APEX Industries.

Along the way, however, she still had to make ends meet and applied to a ‘help wanted’ ad in the Daily Metro. She wound up with an interview at the restaurant “Headlights” and was hired on by owner Vic Reno. That’s when her entire life changed.

Outfitted with a greentooth earpiece, Carla’s free will and mind were stripped away and she became nothing more than a committed and loyal employee at Headlights, whose clean and family-friendly facade was merely a front for the dirty R.O.P.E. shenanigans that occurred in secret. Soon, Carla was offering meals as well as her body to the deviant customers who frequented the establishment. She dropped out of college, broke up with her boyfriend, and cut communication from all her family and friends to dedicate her life solely towards being a proper Headlights Hottie. She quickly became the most popular girl there and a few customers refer to her as the “Chicken Dinner”, a delicious combination of legs, breasts, and thighs.

Carla was considered Reno’s right-hand woman, taking the lead on interviews with applicants such as Penny Nichol and enslaving her with a combination of Thrallium-laced pantyhose and a greentooth earpiece.

After Reno’s criminal enterprise was uncovered, Carla was freed from his control. Ms. Metrobay regained ownership of the restaurant, which had been stolen from her during her stint as Belinda Giolla’s slave, and made Carla the manager of the now-legitimate business.

Notable Appearances: Penny For Her Thoughts, Headlights: Now Hiring, Caught in the Headlights

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