frandroid bioAlias: Frandroid
Real Name: None
Age: N/A
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Burgundy
Occupation: Companion
Affiliation: Cyberstar
Abilities: Artificial strength, stamina, and analytical prowess

The android known as “Frandroid” came to be during A.C. Quire’s scheme to win the favor of his fellow ROPE members and unseat Max Indeks as chairman of the secret organization. Frandroid was created when Cyberstar and Quire needed a test subject for their duplication machine, and the Graybotted Fran Hill was selected to be the guinea pig. However, shortly after Frandroid was created Cyberstar grew frustrated with Quire’s methods and ended their collaboration, absconding with the busty robot as payment for services rendered.

Frandroid has settled into a role as Cyberstar’s obedient companion, servant, and lover. Over the course of her relatively brief existence she has slowly demonstrated an increased propensity for critical thinking, likely due to her mistress’s constant tinkering with her personality programs. Frandroid has spent countless hours literally ‘plugged in’ to Cyberstar’s personal servers, gleaning whatever new data she can find in an effort to better understand humanity. She has gone as far as to connect her computer-brain to an actual human mind – in this case that of Officer Becky Klein – which simultaneously resulted in Frandroid gaining more independence and Becky learning about obedience.

Frandroid was last seen assisting Cyberstar with the abduction and reprogramming of several of her fellow Petto-model dolls, who were forced to toil as erotic waitresses in Vic Reno’s relaunched Headlights restaurant. In her assignment as the restaurant’s hostess she served as the de facto leader of the dolls, and took advantage of this position to surreptitiously add even more knowledge to her growing database.

Notable Appearances: An Acquired Taste, Cyberstar & Frandroid, Caught in the Headlights