Madame Mynx

Alias: Madame Mynx
Real Name: Ava LaPette
Age: 46
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Black
Occupation: Owner and Manager of Luxuria Perfume
Abilities: Pheromone musk
Affiliation: Circle of R.O.P.E.

In her younger years, Ava LaPette was one of the world’s most in-demand fashion models. Her elegant beauty brought her the fame and riches she craved. But as time passed, Ava saw her fame fade away. Younger, more curvaceous bodied women came into fashion. So at just 30 years old, Ava felt forgotten and tossed aside by the world that once worshipped her. Overcome with a sense of betrayal, Ava vowed to make everyone once again adore her; by pure force if necessary. She especially sought to punish anyone who dared to steal her limelight.

With the millions made from her early modeling years, Ava started the Luxuria perfume company. Marketed as the fragrance for the rich and famous, the products were an instant hit with older, wealthy women. Within five years the company became one of the top perfume distributors in the world.

Accumulating incredible wealth, Ava was then able to join R.O.P.E., soon becoming one of the society’s more influential members. With the power of R.O.P.E. behind her Ava was able to bring down every hot young darling of Metrobay. Any new starlet, be it pretty weather girl or beauty queen, soon found herself kneeling at Ava’s feet. That is, every beauty except for the city’s famous superheroines.

Even with R.O.P.E.’s influence Ava was not able to douse the spotlight of the voluptuous Superheroine Squad or the sickeningly sweet Action Cats. Those annoying superbabes demanded to be taken down a notch and so Ava undertook a more extreme tactic. She recreated herself into the masked villainess Madame Mynx.

Using the resources of her own perfume laboratories, Madame Mynx developed a potent pheromone musk. Anyone who succumbed to the effects of the musk became completely enamored with Madame Mynx. Their sole desire was to please and adore Madame Mynx. Mynx used this to amass a small army of loyal followers, chiefly strong, handsome, virile men she called her “Mancubs”.

Now Madame Mynx is a constant threat to the superheroines of the city as well as any unsuspecting sweetheart who bursts onto the scene.

Madame Mynx’s skills as a business woman, immense wealth, and strong sexual kinks have made her arguably the most influential woman within the Circle of R.O.P.E., and by extension the entire city of Metrobay. She has taken it upon herself to “mentor” many potential heirs to her criminal empire, such as Trixtress’s spoiled daughter Babydoll and the saucy femme fatale Dee-Lisha, but she has taken a particular interest in the young, handsome, and level-headed Preston Prescott, despite his discomfort at receiving so much of her attention. Ava is also extremely close friends with Max Indeks, a kindred spirit in almost all regards, and his wife Vivian. Her relationship with the two displays at times innocent sexual tension and possible signs of a ménage à trois relationship, though this has never been confirmed.

Madame Mynx has found herself in The Funhouse from time to time but, despite her high profile criminal career, her strong ties to R.O.P.E. and her wealth of followers has almost always allowed her to waltz free. With Max’s hold on Warden Smith, her incarcerations look to remain as temporary as hotel visits, and almost as comfortable.


While she has no superpowers of her own, Madame Mynx is a shrewd, skilled, and manipulative adversary to any heroine. She often employs elaborate gadgetry borrowed from APEX Industries and is a master of setting up traps for unsuspecting heroines. She’s been known to carry a leather whip or riding crop with her at times, and encounters have shown her to be quite skilled in using it.

Her main ploy however is to use her hypnotic perfume to cripple or enslave any man or women who stands in her way. While the effects are typically temporary, many of her victims never are given an opportunity to let her hypnotic spell wear off and are doomed to her service indefinitely.

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