Hooter County

Hooter County is a rural suburb of Metrobay located just south of the busy megalopolis. It received its moniker originally due to the high concentration of woodland barn owls that gathered in its vicinities, but when their water supply from Metrobay received an experimental vitamin supplement with the side-effects of enlarged bosoms, its women added a more amusing amount of truth to the moniker. In stark contrast to its massive neighboring city, Hooter County is small, personal, and brimming with people of the land, with limited technology used to make their hard agricultural lives any easier. Such hard work was known to build strong character, and Hooter County became known as an ideal place for quiet, simple people to live their lives in peace and happiness.

But there are a great many youths of Hooter County eager to leave their happy but mundane lives in exchange for the excitement and wonder of the big city. The promise of riches, fame, and glory was enough to lure even content and happy people like Kelly West to Metrobay for a little excitement. Many others have followed her lead, including the likes of Dairy King.

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