Lady Luck (Liberty Grove)

Alias: Lady Luck
Real Name: Shannon O’Connell
 Supernatural Good Luck
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Shannon O’Connell is an almost two millennia old half-leprechaun who has spent her entire existence in the magical world ruled by her mischievous father, the Leprechaun King. However, she had always longed to know of the race her mother, a human, had belonged to and, despite her father’s wishes, eventually left their sacred and happy fantasy land.

She was shocked to discover a very dark and treacherous world, but soon discovered that her own supernatural good luck put her in a position to alleviate many of these problems. She eventually ran into Golden Girl on an excursion and become a temporary superheroine, if only so she could discover a brighter side of the human race.

Lady Luck was one of many heroines captured and converted into a robot drone by the Unity matrix, proving even her good luck can only last for so long. She was eventually rescued along with the others by Jupiter Justice and returned to her normal mind and body.