Lavendara Daze

lavandaraAlias: Lavendara Daze
Real Name: Betsy Paige
Age: 30
Height: 5’6”
Occupation: Jewelry Store Owner
Abilities: Paralysis and Hypnosis-Inducing Jewelry
Affiliation: League of Villains, Circle of R.O.P.E.

Betsy Paige is a vain, egotistical socialite and daughter of respected member of R.O.P.E. and a former television star. As a child she had a role on the popular Metrobay sitcom “Lavender Days”, playing the smart-alec, lovable little sister to the show’s main star. She grew up in that role, and for many years was one of the show’s main draws. That is until the studio execs came to realize that Betsy, now in her late teenage years, could no longer connect with the show’s young audience. She was unceremoniously written out of future episodes.

Betsy took her firing to heart and swore revenge, instilling a deep-rooted bitterness in the young woman.

Many years later, Betsy seemed to be on the rebound. With the wealth she had amassed from her parents and the royalties she received from her old show, she had invested in expensive, exotic jewelry andAPEX technology, helping develop fashionable accessories guaranteed to stop people in their tracks. Opening her own jewelry store, “Pandora’s Box”, Betsy quickly garnered attention for her unique earrings, necklaces, belts, and other stylish extras.

Secretly, however, Betsy’s store was a front for a criminal operation run behind the scenes. Partnered with R.O.P.E. and the League of Villains, the jewelry Betsy distributed in fact emitted a highly paralytic sparkle that left the wearer, and those in the vicinity, temporarily frozen in a state of physical and mental paralysis.

Betsy donned the identity of Lavendara Daze and systematically began a crime spree across Metrobay, activating the jewelry and paralyzing the masses, leaving her free to strip the victims of their belongings and valuables. There are few things the villainess enjoys more than wealth and riches. Few realized the connection between their paralysis and Pandora’s Box’s jewelry, leaving the cause of the crime sprees a safely guarded secret.

However, not everyone wears her special brand of jewelry, so Lavendara Daze routinely wears her own unique brand of accessories, which she uses to paralyze and/or hypnotize any who stand in her way.

She recently had a successful spree of robberies and even managed to capture Officer Mick Jones to use as a hostage in case she was tracked down. She was pursued by heroine Violet Star, who discovered Lavendara apparently having her way with Officer Jones in a sort of mock-“honeymoon” tease, apparently as payback for a strip-search he conducted on her during a prior apprehension. Lavendara Daze entranced a distracted Violet Star and forced her to toy with the captive Mick Jones. Surprisingly, she seemed to empathise and grow attached towards Violet Star, both instructing her in the art of love-making as well as lamenting the fact that she could’ve been an admirable sidekick.

While the two were engaged in their affair, Lavendara took the opportunity to make a clean getaway and remains at large.

While technically powerless, Lavendara Daze wields her special jewelry like any other weapon or power. The jewelry itself houses microscopic devices that emit a powerful, sub-sonic frequency that paralyzes the nervous system. This often comes in two varieties; either physical paralysis or mental hypnosis. Lavendara Daze herself often remains unaffected due to earplugs she wears while committing a crime. She is known to have a variety of jewels hidden on her person capable of paralyzing or entrancing any opponent who dares stand in her way.

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