Personality Exchanger

personalThe Personality Exchanger is an APEX-developed machine that is able to “swap” the personality of two linked individuals, though it also appears to swap memories as well. Through high intensity image mapping, the machine scans the minds of a subject and then “copies and pastes” the images into the mind of the other subject linked to the machine, and vice-versa.

This invention was exploited by the villain Syman Sayz against the heroine Valor Girl, exchanging her mind and personality with that of a common street hooker. Because the machine only swaps personalities, Valor Girl’s powers were not transferred, and when both women awoke, Valor Girl’s mind was in the hooker’s non-powered, human body and the hooker’s personality was in Valor Girl’s body.

It appears neither woman was able to remember the ordeal, leaving one to reason that side-effects include immediate short term memory loss in addition to the new personalities. It is not known if the process is reversible, though it is reasonable to assume personalities can be switched back if necessary.

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