Zoe Benen

Name: Zoe Benen
Age: 25
Height: 5’9”
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Accountant
Affiliation: APEX Industries

Zoe is of Dutch descent, blond haired and blue eyed. She has an athletic physique, with long toned legs and a very large bust which she likes to show off with the occasional tight sweater or blouse. Her hair is fairly long, and she often wears it in a ponytail when she is at work or the gym.

Zoe graduated from Metrobay University as with a degree in accounting, and went to work for APEX a couple of years ago. She has heard stories about some of the crazy things that go on in the research and development wing of APEX, but hasn’t seen anything out of the ordinary with her own eyes.

Notable Appearances: Robolegs