Criada Guardia

Name: Criada Guardia
Police Officer
Affiliation: Femcops

When Criada was in her early twenties, her father was drafted into the police reserves and killed trying to stop a super criminal from destroying a downtown skyscraper. He and his comrades were successful, but they paid the ultimate price. To honor her father’s legacy, Criada joined the police force after college and was assigned to the newly formed Femcops unit.

This special corps was made up of women whose youth and athleticism made them better suited to certain duties than most officers who were worn out from years of waging the war on crime. The Femcops unit was the brainchild of Captain Sorto, who was promoted and put in charge of their organization, training, and daily supervision. He thought that it would make sense to take advantage of the surplus of available women in town and choose the cream of the crop to become the reborn city’s elite law enforcement team.

Criada, like many of her teammates, was excited for the chance to prove herself worthy to follow in her father’s footsteps. She has proven herself countless times now and demonstrated above-natural leadership skills, sharpshooting abilities, and even deft negotiation tactics. She is currently the most decorated officer on the force.

But even those credentials don’t guarantee flawless success. She recently wound up drugged and enslaved by the villainous Narcissist after her rescue operation was blown by the arrival of reporter June O’Connell. Despite this setback, she remains undaunted in her resolve to rid Liberty Grove and her neighborhood of Shady Cove of every law-breaker and criminal on the streets.