Baron Von Vile

Alias: Baron Von Vile
Real Name: Franz “Freddy” Schneiderhousen-leibeichsteiner-gausenfruedengoofter III
Full-time Criminal Mastermind, Used Cars Salesman
 Maniacal laughter, really evil
Affiliation: Allied Sinister Syndicate

Franz Sneiderhousen-leibeichsteiner-gausenfruedengoofter III, or “Fred” as his friends call him, is the faceless leader of theĀ Allied Sinister Syndicate House of Legendary Evil Scum, but he had much more meager origins. He was once the proud owner of “Fred’s Urban Cook Kitchen”, a restaurant that quickly failed, and former manager of the “Small Hostel In Town”, while closed after numerous one-star reviews . He finally found a stable job as a used cars salesman.

His luck finally changed when he met, fell in love with, and married a stunningly attractive blonde who shared an equally passionate love of disco-era music, but he later discovered her dark secret while looking through her underwear drawer. Finding a colorful spandex outfit, which bore an uncanny resemblance to that of a high-profile superheroine, he put two and two together and realized he had married a superheroine. When he confronted her about this, she attempted to lie about it. He became convinced she had married him only to conceal her secret identity and he left abruptly, grew bitter at his manipulation, and began to think of ways to get back at her. Eventually giving in to his evil inclinations, he became the maniacal Baron Von Vile, enemy of all that was good and decent.

Freddy formed his motley crew of outcasts and miscreants to battle the League of Liberty, but his competence as their leader and the outcome of his schemes was typically in line with his previous careers. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm and talents earned him a powerful band of colorful rejects, many of whom far outclassed him in intelligence, power, and ability.

Baron Von Vile’s biggest scheme, thus far, was to capture and enslave several heroines and bend them to his will. He captured Gypsy MothKat Krusader, and even turned on his own ally Tyranni, turning them all into mind controlled slaves. He even pitted a brainwashed Kat Krusader against her own daughter, Emerald Tiger.

Ultimately, however, Baron Von Vile showed his true colors when he caught disreputable “hero” Captain Love having his way with vulnerable heroine Golden Girl, who it was revealed was Fred’s missing wife. Baron Von Vile fought off her assailant, confessed his lingering feelings for his spouse, and the two reconciled, the latter even allowing her outlawed spouse to flee the crime scene, as well as seeing him in private on multiple occasions. It’s implied their separate paths as hero and villain has provided their love life with spice and excitement, though no one yet realizes their connection.