Hostile Takeover

Hostile_Takeover_cover_9As Valient Grrl and Ms. Metrobay organized a rescue attempt of their still-captured teammates, Belinda began her invasion of Dr. Twisted’s lair with Mechana at her side. Sentius, meanwhile, had advanced beyond Dr. Twisted’s control and decided to assert his own influence over the doctor’s operation. All factions met together in a powder keg confrontation, which ultimately saw Dr. Twisted’s control overthrown, Belinda and Ms. Metrobay captured and converted into Sentius’s slaves, Mechana reprogrammed, and Marcy’s mind freed. A last-ditch effort by Dr. Twisted, Valient Grrl, and Marcy helped save the day, resulting in a well-earned victory for the Superheroine Squad. Dr. Twisted and Belinda were carted off to jail and Sentius was thought to be destroyed. Marcy was made a Superheroine Squad member, Valient Grrl and Alpha Woman officially became lovers, and Ms. Metrobay was reunited with her daughter.

All seemed to be right within the city of Metrobay, but the peace wouldn’t last…

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