Glamor Girl

Alias: Glamor Girl
Real Name: Ellen Hartman
Age: 42
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Reddish Brown
Occupation: housewife
Abilities: Illusion projections
Affiliation: The Dazzling Duo

Ellen Hartman is a veteran heroine who has helped clean up the mean streets of Grime City for decades. Gifted with the extraordinary ability to cast illusions and mirages, her ability to daze and confuse her adversaries quickly gave her an advantage and made her a well-known and respected name among the crimefighting community as the gallant heroine Glamor Girl. She had both legions of followers, as well as a long line of gifted heroines wishing and competing to be her partner.

Her tenure as a heroine was cut short when Ellen ultimately hung up her spandex and settled down. Many thought this was the end of the adventures of Glamor Girl, however, after nearly a two decade hiatus, many were shocked and pleased to see she had dusted off her utility belt and jumped back into the fray, a new plucky sidekick in tow.

Together, this “Dazzling Duo” has helped the denizens of Metrobay against all manner of unfriendly invaders and criminal conspirators. She hopes she can help guide a new generation of heroes into following her example.