Pink Pussycat

pinkbioAlias: Pink Pussycat
Real Name: Kaitlin Sinclair
Age: 28
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Socialite and Animal-Rights Activist
Abilities: Enhanced Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Stamina, Strength, & Senses
Affiliation: Action Cats, Superheroine Squad

Pink Pussycat has easily been the biggest thorn in the side of R.O.P.E. and Max Indeks ever since she first appeared in Metrobay. She has stopped criminal scheme after scheme with enthusiasm and ease and has quickly risen to the top of Indeks’s long list of enemies.

In reality, Pink Pussycat is millionaire heiress Kaitlin Sinclair, the inheritor of the Wellington estate and a highly prominent member of Metrobay’s rich and influential social elite. She used the wealth she inherited to fashion herself into Pink Pussycat, obtaining a specialized suit and collar outfitted with the latest in APEX technology to enhance her already impressive physical traits to superhuman levels of speed, strength, and agility.

As both Kaitlin and Pink Pussycat she was the object of lust for Max Indeks, but while Kaitlin Sinclair’s status made her all but untouchable, her double life as Pink Pussycat made her highly vulnerable to his perverse and corrupt machinations. As talented as she is, Pink Pussycat has had her fair share of misadventures and is incredibly prone to being captured and tied up. Despite her frequent exposure to bondage, humiliation, and mind control, this cat always seems to eventually land on her feet.
Pink Pussycat has arguably battled more crooks and criminals in Metrobay than any other heroine, having had notable run-ins with the likes of the Black Hat, Enchantress, The Boyz, The Maestro, Madame Mynx, Trixtress, Sentius, Troublina, Symon Sayz, and others.

Pink Pussycat has had an uncanny knack for acquiring plenty of friends as well as enemies. She is the leader of her own team, the Action Cats, and is the ward of the young Tabitha Essex, better known as her crimefighting partner Kitten. She is a very close friend of fellow socialite Robin Ravenwood, the superheroine Nightengale, and with her one-time nemesis, the vigilante Clawdette. She’s also an honorary member of the Superheroine Squad. Though she prefers to venture out on her own, she’s always willing to help out her fellow teammates, such as during the events of Superheroine Squad against the android Sentius. She’s been shown working alongside heroines such as Ms. Metrobay and Valient Grrl when the mood strikes her. Despite her wealth of worldly experiences, her continually sweet, innocent, and optimistic outlook has even made allies of enemies, as is the case with Adonis, secretly the villain Preston Prescott, though she is unaware of his true identity.

Despite her pure exterior, Pink Pussycat has been shown to have a rather voracious, if restrained, sexual appetite, and she often appears to fantasize about or enjoy many of the humiliating bondage games she’s been subject to over her heroic career. She’s freely flirted with the hero Ramrod, Tabitha’s Coach Barnes, and Adonis, and has even fantasized about Max Indeks before. Many women have also appeared to be drawn to her, though Pink Pussycat appears to prefer the company of men.

At one point, she ventured to the town of Liberty Grove in pursuit of the villain Ring Mistress. However, she was captured by brainwashed Liberty Grove heroines and injected with nano-modifiers, which altered her body and turned her into a half-human, half-cat hybrid Ring Mistress dubbed “Werekitty”. It remains to be see what plans Ring Mistress has for her.

Despite being a relatively young heroine, Pink Pussycat has made a strong name for herself in Metrobay. She has the charms and skills needed to back up her highly respected reputation and she continues to be the object of lust for both heroes and villains and men and women alike.


Pink Pussycat attains her superpowers from her various Kitty Kat devices:

Her costume
Kitty cat ears allow for enhanced noise detection.
The fluffy kitty tail attached to her bodysuit gives her enhanced balance.
Her kitty collar, her most potent accessory, bestows her with cat-like super agility, superhuman strength and reflexes. Her Kitty collar also has a micro-transmitter that allows the other superheroines to know where she is at all times ( or where her collar lays if she’s been captured by some wicked villain ).

Other items
Scamper – her super fast, super silent motorcycle.
Pouncer – her kitty car for when other superheroines are along for the caper
cat-oculars – special binoculars allowing for enhanced kitty vision

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