brankanmaskedAlias: Bronka
Real Name: unknown
Age: 22
Height: 5’11″
Hair: Black
Occupation: College Student
Abilities: Super Strength
Affiliation: Grrl Power

Bronka is the younger sister of the supervillain, Bronk. However, Bronka and her family remain largely unaware that Bronk is a member of the criminal Boyz organization and instead believe his story that he works as a hero in the big city of Metrobay, helping noble citizens like Max Indeks, and even dating the heroine Valient Grrl.

“Inspired” by her older brother, Bronka decided she was going to leave home and travel to Metrobay herself to take up the fight against crime and help her brother. She signed up for Grrl Power and quickly attempted to help citizens in need.

Partially due to her naivety and her devotion to her big brother, Bronka remains unaware that he’s involved in any criminal activity, no matter how many times others try and tip her off. Even misunderstandings she fully trusts her brother on and sees him as nothing less than a noble hero who has even saved her from evil villains such as The Diddler. Somewhat ashamed and feeling responsible for her coming to a city like Metrobay, Bronk is very protective of his younger sibling and will quickly turn against any villain that puts the moves on her, even if they’re paying him.

Plucky and spirited, it could simply be that the other heroines don’t have the heart to tell her the truth, or that her effectiveness as a heroine isn’t worth jeopardizing. Even in her ignorance, she’s well loved by the rest of her new friends, even if they don’t share the same feelings towards her brother.

Notable Appearances: “Family Business”

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