enervatum2Enervatum is a substance discovered and refined by the scientist Feelix Von Ick.

For over 60 years, Von Ick studied the mysterious meteorite crystals he dubbed ‘Irridium’. During those years, Von Ick was exposed to the radiation constantly emitted by Irridium crystals. Although the radiation kept him from aging, it heightened his sexual drive. Kept in a constant state of sexual arousal, Von Ick sought to find some substance to negate the effects of irridium radiation that was driving him crazy.

After years of trial and error, Von Ick finally found a compound that temporarily neutralized the effects of Irridium radiation. He called the new substance ‘Enervatum’.

Since enervatum neutralizes the effects of Irridium radiation, it has been used by villains to temporarily sap Valiant Woman of her superpowers. It is feared that enervatum may also have been used to negate the metahuman powers of other superheroine legends such as Ms. Metrobay and Omega Woman.

In an effort to ensure that Enervatum stays out of the hands of nefarious villains, APEX Laboratories has taken it upon themselves to secure the substance and study it so it cannot be used to harm civilians. But even with APEX Labs’ courageous efforts, some samples of enervatum seem to mysteriously slip into the evil clutches of the city’s masked villains who have used it on an unsuspecting Valiant Woman.

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