decibelReal Name: Camile Woodspeak
Alias: Decibel
Age: 33
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: Detective
Affiliation: Scotland Yard
Abilities: Siren Scream

Camile Woodspeak was born and raised in merry old London, England. She grew up with a particular fondness for Sherlock Holmes stories and knew since she was a child that she belonged at Scotland Yard.

She spent her youth as a junior detective and developed an almost supernatural knack for resolving even the most difficult cases and cracking the hardest crimes.

Her burgeoning superpowers during puberty, those of a paralytic siren shout capable of bringing even the strongest opponent to his or her knees, only allowed her another edge over her adversaries as she hunted them down.

True to her word and fulfilling her dream, she was readily accepted into Scotland Yard after preventing the sinister Lambda Syndicate from abducting and brainwashing the Royal House. She spent several years as one of their preeminent investigators and under her watch crime dropped tremendously in the city.

She was both surprised, and later elated, when French police transferred inspector Christine Drew to their division as her new partner. However, Christine held secrets of her own and Camile was quick to deduce her new partner possessed great meta-human abilities as the heroine Armure. The two bonded over their mutual passions and powers and became a dynamic detective duo that was even more efficient than before, with Decibel often serving as the brains while Armure was more than sufficient as the muscle.

Spurred by their success, the two ultimately came to the difficult decisions to turn their talents to a city in greater need of their help, settling on the crime-plagued criminal haven that was Metrobay. Their transfer was approved and they have begun to successfully integrate among the Metrobay Police Department and the Superheroine Squad.


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