Crown of Atlantis

crownThe Crown of Atlantis is a powerful object said to give unlimited power and life to whoever wears it. It originally belonged to Atlantean royalty, of which Princess Valaya, the modern Valiant Woman, was heir to possess. Its power was rumored to be able to link to the minds of every human being on earth and could be used to enslave all of humanity. A noble spirit, however, would be shown his or her true potential.

The crown was highly sought after by R.O.P.E. leader Draven Ophidian, who used a brainwashed Valiant Girl to seize it from its monstrous guardian and lethal booby-trapped resting place. However, the crown instead had the adverse affect of reawakening Valiant Girl’s consciousness, resulting in her turning on Ophidian and escaping with the powerful object. Valiant Girl escaped to Metrobay, where the crown was hidden and secretly used to locate and train those with exception superheroine potential.
Cybernetic Implants
Cybernetic Implants are technological modifications to a human body that are fully integrated into the human being’s anatomy as opposed to merely covering the exterior, as is the case with the Control Helmet or Control Collar.

One of the first known women in Metrobay to receive cybernetic implants was police scientist Marcy Smith. Instead of wearing a control device like the other robot women, Marcy has been implanted with special cybernetics that are more completely integrated into her body. They allowed Sentius and Marcy to interact with each other as if they ‘shared a brain’, which they kind of did… hers, of course. There were occasions when Marcy showed some independence (a side effect of her special programming) but for the most part she remained a loyal and obedient disciple of Dr. Twisted and existed only to carry out his orders until her free will was restored to her.

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