Alias: Frightmare
Former Alias: FreaKing
Real Name: Jackie Bones
 limited magical abilities/tricks
Affiliation: Allied Sinister Syndicate

Jack Bones was, for all intents and purposes, a normal guy with nothing extraordinary about him. He wasn’t really even evil, not at first, but he made the mistake of cracking a joke about a certain sorceress behind her back and woke up the next morning with a pumpkin for a head.

Immediately alienated from the rest of the world, and fired from his fast-food job due to his appearance frightening off customers, he made quick bucks at circus shows until Baron Von Vile, who felt he was just freakish enough for their crew, offered him a spot on his sinister syndicate. The others called him FreaKing, though he preferred to be called just “Jack”. He joined them rather indifferently, just until he can find something better to do with his life.

He has been shown to be drinking buddies with “hero” Captain Love and was implied he had a relationship with Esperandza, very likely the same sorceress that cursed him. When he encountered her later, she was under Von Vile’s control and put a new curse on him… turning him into a pumpkin-faced woman. “Jackie” then endeavored to lift the curse, before being driven into hiding. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.