Stun Gun

stunStun guns are used pervasively throughout Metrobay as popular alternatives to deadlier or more destructive forms of weaponry. Many villains use stun guns, often unwilling or unable to use more damaging forms of restraint on the beautiful and flawless figures of the Superheroine Squad. Most villains like their goods “undamaged”, making stun guns a viable alternative to knockout gas and mind control technology.

Most stun guns are developed by APEX Industries, whose advanced technology has allowed stun guns to become far more advanced than the norm. Most utilize special paralytic energy beams or rays that negate motor functions, quickly and effectively blocking electrical signals and reducing the victim to a weakened, limp state. Such technology has often been implemented into their android creations to deal with intruders and nosy heroines.

Stun technology has been previously implemented in the likes of  Sentius, temporary  human robots such as the cybernized Ms. Metrobay and Belinda Giolla, and in the cybernetic implants of Silver Satin.

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