Control Collar

control collarThe Control Collar was developed as the successor to the Control Helmet in an attempt to streamline the design and allow the wearer to appear more inconspicuous.

Originally tested on the heroine Brown Sugar by Dr. Twisted, the Control Collar has now seen widespread use and modifications since its conception and realization.

The Control Collar functions similarly to the Control Helmet. While the Control Helmet is bulky and energy inefficient, the Control Collar’s size allows for a more comfortable and less noticeable appearance, as well as less energy consumption.

The Control Collar intercepts neural messages between the brain and body and, unlike the Control Helmet, can redirect these messages either way. This means that an intercepting signal can either shut off commands from the brain to the body and intercept them with their own, rendering the subject conscious but unable to control his or her physical actions, or that the collar can instead send direct messages to the brain, in effect asserting control and overriding cognitive thought in a manner similar to yet more efficient than its predecessor.

BScollarAs a more advanced form of body and mind control, the Control Collar allows signals to be sent to the wearer more quickly, resulting in a subject able to more closely blend in to normal society. The collar offers the options of modified speech, personality, and motion to help further the disguise of normalcy.

Despite these advantages, noticeable side-effects still include rolled back (“whitewashed”) eyes and – without direct supervision – a return to robotic postures, movements, and blank facial features. However, these distractions are far more easily masked than the cumbersome and unwieldy Control Helmets ever allowed, and the Control Collar quickly became the mind and body control device of choice for many users.

Currently, the radiated creature Super Freak is enslaved by a Control Collar as Max Indeks’s personal bodyguard and slave, which is the only thing keeping her from reverting to her normal, feral state of mind. It has been shown that a subject controlled by a Control Collar is also immune to magic forms of mind control, likely due to the subject having no congnitive mind of their own to enslave.

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