Oozy Soozy

Alias: Oozy Soozy
Real Name: Suzie Slim
Age: 34
Height: 5’2”
Hair: Green, formerly Black
Occupation: Freelance
Abilities: Shapeshifting, Possession
Affiliation: (formerly) APEX Laboratories

Suzie Slim was once just a demure, shy, introverted scientist working the night shifts at APEX Labs. She was prudent enough to know to keep her head down, stay out of sight, and let others take the credit – or the blame. She was content to do her job, get paid, and go home to her small apartment.

All that changed when a freak accident blasted her into an open vat of liquid thrallium, changing her on a molecular level. It initially appeared to dissolve the poor woman, but Suzie survived, altered into a being that was more jelly than flesh. In her new semi-liquid form, she found she could turn her shape into whatever she wanted, allowing her to slip in and out of sight with ease.

However, the loss of her human body haunted her, and she craved her old human form. Finding she could use the mind-altering properties of her thrallium consistency to brainwash and enslave others, and then enter into them, she set about finding “shells”.to wear to masquerade as human once more. However, like a woman with a closet full of shoes, she found the appeal of having something – or SOMEONE – new to wear each day too tempting to resist, and her small collection has begun to grow…

Top: Oozy Soozy, Right: Suzie Slim