Golden Girl

Alias: Golden Girl
Real Name: Britney Barton
 Flight, Can Generate Photo Beams of Light
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Britney Barton was a disco doll, adored and admired for able skills and amiable personality. She was also, at the time, the superheroine Golden Gal, a rare case of a human born with unique meta-human genes. She quickly displayed unnatural leadership abilities and formed the League of Liberty alongside her close friends Duality Dame and Kat Krusader.

Though times have changed, and the roster had dramatically increased, all superheroines know of Golden Girl and her respected legacy of crimefighting escapades. She has since semi-retired, serving chiefly as a mentor to train new and inexperienced heroines, as well as serving as a talent scout for promising potential members.

That hasn’t kept her from active duty, however. Though she personally passed the chain of command to Suprema, whose later absence was filled by Gypsy Moth, she has jumped back into action multiple times. But her past history is surprisingly rocky and secretive, even amongst her closest friends.

Years ago, Kat Krusader was kidnapped and she joined forces with Kat’s lover, Masked Merc, to track her down, but wound up turned into a human robot by Madame Machine. She later awoke from this ordeal with no recollection of her time as an android, though it has never been made clear what events transpired to restore her to her proper mind and body. Regardless, Masked Merc disappeared shortly thereafter, leaving Kat alone with their newborn child. Despite accusations that Masked Merc was a villain, that he died, or that he abandoned them, Britney is a staunch defender of his character and had only the finest of praise for him when his daughter, Rebecca, asked her about him.

Golden Girl’s biggest secret is that she at one point settled down and married a quirky yet endearing man named “Freddy”, an awkward soul with the same fondness of 70s-era music that she possessed, but the two had a falling out once he discovered her superheroine identity, resulting in him becoming the supervillain Baron Von Vile, the arch-nemesis of the League of Liberty.

This came to a head when Kat Krusader was kidnapped again. She was one of the first to join Duality Dame and Emerald Tiger in tracking down their missing friend, which lead them to Baron Von Vile. Along the way, she was immobilized by a mind controlled Gypsy Moth, and later taken advantage of by corrupt “hero” Captain Love. It was perhaps fate that her husband, Baron Von Vile, stumbled in upon this and heroically fought off her assailant. Despite their contradicting lifestyles, the two reconciled and Golden Girl has since allowed her husband to escape the law. Strangely, this has vastly improved their love life as the thrill and danger involved has appealed to the both of them and they routinely “battle”, only to end the public fights in the privacy of their bedroom.