Duality Dame

Alias: Duality Dame
Real Name: Sakura “Sarah” Hyuga
Age: Unknown (at least 300 years old)
Height: 5’6″
Hair: Black with White Stripes
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Abilities: exceptional martial artist, Olympic-level athlete
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Sakura “Sarah” Hyuga was born as “Yuko Yamada” in a monastery in Japan almost three hundred years ago and raised from birth to be a fierce and efficient fighting machine. Her father was leader of the Mountain Sun tribe and went to great lengths to ensure his daughter was a worthy successor. While his training was harsh and he came across as detached and cold, the lessons he taught her proved invaluable later in her life.

Their tranquil lifestyle ended when a Japanese demon arrived at their village, massacring the men and attempting to enslave the souls of their women. Sakura’s father was amongst the causalities and she did battle with the demon herself for three straight days. When it became obvious that they were deadlocked, the demon offered a truce; spare the village in exchange for her soul to feed its hunger. Selflessly, Sakura agreed.

For the next several hundred years, Sakura trained herself and honed her skills to be strong enough to keep the demon contained and to keep her body and spirit strong enough to ensure it couldn’t control her. As the world around her progressed, Sakura left her village to study abroad, eventually traveling to the city of Liberty Grove. Despite her limited English skills, she had the good fortune to run in to a very young Kat Krusader, foiling a mugging, and assisted her. The two became instant best friends and, together with their other friend Golden Girl, became the three founding members of the League of Liberty. Sakura took on the costumed persona of Duality Dame and set out to clean up her adopted city.

Not long after, Kat Krusader was kidnapped and turned into a human robot by the villain Madame Machine. Seeking her best friend out, Sakura herself was captured and underwent a similar procedure, turning her into a human robot. She awoke from this ordeal several months later, apparently returned to normal. Kat Krusader awoke pregnant and gave birth to a girl whom she named Rebecca and appointed Sakura as her godmother. It was at this time that she legally changed her name from “Yuko Yamada” to “Sakura Hyuga”, though Rebecca grew to call her “Aunt Sarah” instead.

While content in Liberty Grove, Sakura would still ritualistically return to her homeland to keep her bargain with the demon, hiding this from her friends and colleagues. This came to a head years later when Sakura began to train new pupils, the future Metrobay heroines Jade Lightning and Brown Sugar. During their training, the demon overpowered Sakura’s seals and possessed her pupils. After a brutal battle, Sakura defeated the demon, apparently for good, and went on to live her life.

Sakura then continued to mentor future heroines, including Kat Krusader’s daughter, now the heroine Emerald Tiger. She and Emerald Tiger grew extremely close, and Sakura trained her behind Kat Krusader’s back, secretly turning her into an extremely capable heroine. In time, she came to view Emerald Tiger as more than a pupil and teammate and more as a daughter and Rebecca eventually confessed she viewed Sakura as a second mother. When Kat Krusader was kidnapped again by the villain Baron Von Vile, the two were quick to team-up to rescue her.

Later, during the Unity invasion, she was tricked by the already assimilated Kat Krusader and Emerald Tiger and wound up as a mindless slave, labeled “Unity Delta”. She served Unity obediently until Jupiter Justice freed them all and returned them back to Earth.

The good times were not to last, however. The demon she thought she defeated returned with a vengeance, using her body to wreak havoc on her friends. Unwilling to risk their safety, she convinced Gypsy Moth to perform an exorcism, with Emerald Tiger holding her down. Once free, however, the demon possessed her friends instead. Duality Dame then tricked the monster into attempting to possess her soul, then turned her energy upon herself as they fused, effectively killing both it’s soul, and her own , in the process and leaving a grief-stricken Emerald Tiger behind.

Duality Dame’s fate, however, remains unclear. Her body still lives, but is currently an empty husk without a spirit to reside within it. It is unknown if she can be recovered or what the impact her fate might have on both Emerald Tiger and Kat Krusader might be.

Duality Dame posses several quirks that have made her unique. She is entirely human, but her deal with the demon granted her unnatural longevity and youth, giving her the strength and body of a woman in her late 20s, early 30s. Her centuries of wisdom has made her a capable strategist and combatant, and she prides herself on the ability to take down a foe with minimum effort or harm to her victim. Her mental fortitude was underestimated by even the Unity matrix, and she remains the only known victim to successfully reject its powerful brainwashing techniques, even if she later succumbed under physical duress.

Duality Dame has also hinted that she may have viewed her friendship with Kat Krusader in a more intimate way and confessed as such to her friend, though she chalked it up to stressful fantasy and, even if those feelings were genuine, would likely have stepped aside to allow Kat and her lover, the Masked Merc, to be together. Regardless, she has routinely implied to know something important about Rebecca’s father, the Masked Merc, that she has been reluctant to share. What this secret is has not been revealed, and may not ever be if her comatose status remains.

One of Duality Dame’s most striking features is her silver-streaked hair. This likely originated from her experiences with the supernatural demon years ago, as she has confirmed its her natural hair colors and she resents the implications that it’s because she is “old”. She often has acted sensitive about her age, despite being over 300 years old.