Shadow Rider

shadowriderbioAlias: Shadow Rider
Former Alias: Motorcycle Girl
Real Name: Casey Roth
Age: 24
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Red
Occupation: Stunt Driver
Abilities: Enhanced Reflexes, World Class Driver, Limited Invulnerability
Affiliation: Speed Demons

Some people just have the need for speed. It gets in their blood at an early age and never truly lets go. Casey Roth is definitely one of those people. Her insatiable thirst for velocity was sparked in her youth when she received her very first bicycle and promptly sped off toward the largest hill in town, looking to climb the highest and go the fastest she possibly could. She even put baseball cards in the spokes of her bike so she would sound like her childhood racing idols as she zoomed up and down the streets near her Metrobay home.

That daredevil attitude led Casey to take up racing as a full-time hobby, spending her teenage years hanging out at every garage, track, and shop that would have her. She raced everything she could get her hands on, but her first and greatest love was for bikes of all kinds. Of course being a beautiful woman in a crowd of teenage guys didn’t hurt her popularity, but she really turned heads out on the course where her guile and fearless nature helped her to win every race that didn’t end with her laid out in the back of an ambulance after a spectacular crash.

One day Casey was out cruising around with her friends Aprisa and Holly when they spotted three hooligans known as The Boyz harassing an old man in front of his store. Putting their riding skills to good use the feisty teens were able to engage the thuggish criminals long enough for backup to arrive in the form of the Superheroine Squad, who laid a forceful beatdown upon Bronk, Fingers, and Dipstick. The old man – a retired wizard – was so grateful for their assistance that he used what sorcery he had left in his tired bones to grant them and their wheels magical powers of speed and invulnerability.

Originally calling herself the generic nickname Motorcycle Girl, Casey was known to venture off on her own and see what the world of crimefighting had to offer. On a handful of occasions she found herself teamed up with the Action Cat Clawdette, but after a couple of of less-than-successful missions she decided to part ways with the vigilante vixen and stick with her buddies DareDoll and RollerGrrl full time.

shadowriderbioAfter a long brainstorming session with her pals she finally settled on the name Shadow Rider, a moniker more befitting a quiet, mysterious agent for good who does her best work under cover of night. These days the so-called Speed Demons patrol the streets of Metrobay’s toughest neighborhood, Grime City, occasionally working with the Superheroine Squad to help protect the little guy and fight evil from the ground up.

While Casey is good friends with her fellow Speed Demons, she is by nature more of a lone wolf and at times socially awkward. While this adversely affects her social life at times, she has had significantly less humiliating and compromising situations thrown upon her compared to her teammates, though she nevertheless has had her fair share of misadventures along with her two good friends. While Aprisa and Holly often are out having fun, Casey sticks with her tomboy, greasemonkey roots and can often be found at the auto-shop garage she owns that serves as their base of operations, maintaining and fixing their gear and vehicles tirelessly.

Recently, Casey was asked by Valient Grrl to investigate a strange new fitness club in town, Club Pump, which was suspected of illegal business. Casey posed as a potential member, but was found out and hypnotized by thrallium gas in the club’s saunas. Despite her strong will, she submitted to the effects and even made love to a fellow slave named Desdemona, despite being a staunch heterosexual. Coincidentally, her friend Holly was already enslaved by the club’s owner, Lance Hardwood, and escorted her to his office for interrogation. While there, she revealed the secret identity of herself and Holly. At this point, Lance revealed that the two would help them enslave their friend RollerGrrl for him. Shadow Rider and Daredoll tricked RollerGrrl into letting her guard down and knocked her unconscious in a suprise attack. The two entranced heroines promptly pumped RollerGrrl full of thrallium, turning her into an obedient Club Pump slave, just like themselves.

Shortly afterwards, Shadow Rider was forced to compete against her friends in a R.O.P.E.-sponsored erotic sporting event for the amusement of crooked scoundrels.

rg candiEventually, Lance Hardwood made the error of sending Shadow Rider and her friends on a mission to eliminate a competitor, but the journey through the speed force restored their minds. The heroines raided Club Pump and arrested Brunhilda Krammpacher, who took full responsibility for the club’s activities.

Afterwards, Casey was captured by the villainous Fingers, one of the Boyz, who outfitted her with a modified control collar into making her believe whatever she was told. Made to believe she was his lover and partner-in-crime, Candi, the brainwashed Shadow Rider now serves as Fingers’ right-hand woman.

Casey is endowed with enhanced speed, reflexes, and invulnerability to endure high velocities. Additionally, her motorcycle itself is enchanted as well and able to reach speeds up to the speed of sound with minimal effort. As such, she is rarely seen without it.

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