Alias: She-Babe
Real Name: Paige Pressley Peterson
Age: 20
Height: 5’6″ (normal)/6’2″ (empowered)
Hair: Brown (normal)/Cherry Red (empowered)
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Metrobay University
Abilities: Enhanced physique, Tactile hypnosis

Hi guys! Lester’s got his face up some bimbo’s ass so Ol’ Paigey’s gunna take over writing this here wiki. Bullshit bullshit bullshit tits, bullshit bullshit bullshit 4th wall, bullshit bullshit bullshit way too derivative of the green chick. That’s about it. On to the She-Bulk page!

What… you’re still here? Aww Snatchmas came early. Well here’s the real story. One day, I was an awkward chubby midwest girl glued to the boob tube when a stray broadcast of H.E.R.-TV hit the screen. Unfortunately my TV was on the fritz so the message was jumbled. Anyhoozles… after seeing a row of naked superpowered women march in unison towards their robotic overlord, I realized that I wanted to be a superheroine more than anything else. I adopted an intense workout regimen and went off to Metrobay University to make this dream come true. It ain’t easy when your only superpower is the ability to change into costume instantly. But then SINS OF THE SEVEN #8 happens. First appearance, CGC graded 9.8, collector’s item, worth like a billion dollars. Check it out, Lady Swine turns me into a hungry chubber piglet in that one.  But we’re totally cool now. She’s my Huggy Bear  And yet no mention of me once on her wiki. What gives? Eat a cupcake out of a girl’s asshole and this is what I get? Insert sad emoji here.

Anytushies… after that, Les got a crazy hair up his ass to put me in my own story: SHE-BABE TURNS PRO. My first mission as a heroine and I get turned into a hooker when Top Tramp whacks me on the head with her pimp stick. Uh, rude! There’s a good chance I would’ve done it without the whacking. But that lead to me getting some REAL SUPER POWERS, cue the squeee!!  Yep, I was out trying to whore myself up when I found my way onto Nurse Perverse’s operating table. She wanted to turn me into a super slut or some shit (pfft, like putting a hat on a hat) but instead she made a crimefighter!

As She-Babe, first off I’m bigger, curvier, hairier, and strongher (not a typo). My body is made to swing on a pole all day and have physically demanding pound me in the pussy sex all night. On top of that, my skin is sex-comic-enhanced so that anyone I touch will do whatever I want, until they either sleep it off or pop an orgasm. The trick is not getting them to cum too soon, am I right ladies? And just because Lester felt like he wasn’t ripping off the house of ideas enough (who were in turn ripping off Robert Louis Stevenson), I can change back and forth between normal Paigey and the boner maker She-Babe with my magic word.

Now what’s every girl do like, immediately after they get super powers? They get brainwashed, of course! Yeppers, brainwashed to be a Russian spy and I totally nailed it too!  You’d be like, oh, where’d She-Babe go? All I see is a hot Russian red head. And I’d be like sprechen sie deutsch? I think that means menage-a-trois in Russian.

Well that’s about it. Les is starting to pass out under my big fat ass, so I better let him up so he can cum and get back to work. You wouldn’t believe the weird shit Mr. Ass Hypnosis is gunna put me through. Now taking applications for a sidekick!

Notable Appearances: Sins of the Seven, She-Babe Turns Pro, Cherry Spy, Talk Dirty To Me

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