nanoNanotechnology has been at the forefront of APEX Industries advanced technological development, making scientific breakthroughs with microscopic machines capable of performing complex tasks.

Nanotechnology has advanced to the point that most people in Metrobay use it, whether they know it or not. Nanomachines are used to build everything from microwaves and TVs to even women’s clothing, in part to subversively follow the buying trends of the general populace.

Nanotech has been applied to more fiendish means as well, such as by artificially augmenting the strength of an individual like Bronk, or by interfacing with the human mind, as is the case with Silver Satin. The android Sentius used specially designed “nanoprobes” to externally control and monitor the functions of his various H.E.R. drones.

Nanoprobes have been shown to work symbiotically with a host’s body, providing an external covering that uses the electrical nerve endings on the skin as a conduit for entire body control. They can also be externally controlled to move to other parts of the host’s body or to even form small solid objects tangent to the skin. These objects are capable of sending sensory feelings and information to the host’s body, despite not being an actual part of the host’s anatomy.

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